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Daines Reintroduces Bill To Make Putin Pay for Russia’s War in Ukraine

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines reintroduced a bill this week to direct President Biden to use confiscated assets from the Russian government to offset the costs of any aid that United States sends to support Ukraine. Daines’ bill was the subject of questioning at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today where former President Biden’s former Deputy National Security Advisor For International Economics Daleep Singh agreed with Senator Daines’ approach. “It’s been over a year since Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and his brutal war of choice rages on. Putin is a thug — we need to use the assets we seized from him and his

Following Visit to Ukraine, Daines & Spartz Push Biden to Take More Action

U.S. CONGRESS – U.S. Senator Steve Daines (Mont.) and Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (Ind.) today are pushing President Biden to take additional immediate actions to support Ukraine. This comes after Daines and Spartz were the first United States officials to visit Ukraine and speak with Ukrainian leaders on the ground since Russia’s invasion. “We write following our recent visit to Ukraine where we saw firsthand the devastation and atrocities committed by Russian forces on the Ukrainian people in Bucha and elsewhere. The mass graves, extrajudicial killings, and violence against civilians clearly demonstrated the evil of President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. These war crimes are

Daines Becomes One of First American Leaders to Visit Ukraine Since Russia’s Invasion

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines visited Ukraine to meet with Ukrainian officials and see firsthand the aftermath of Putin’s atrocious war crimes against the people of Ukraine.  “While meeting with leaders in NATO countries bordering Ukraine, I was invited to meet Ukrainian officials in Kyiv and Bucha and see firsthand the butchery and war crimes committed by Putin,” Daines said. “There is indisputable evidence of Putin’s war crimes everywhere—the images of shallow mass graves filled with civilians, women and children are heart wrenching. America and the world need to know about Putin’s atrocities against the innocent people of Ukraine now, not

Daines Heads to Eastern Europe to Visit US Troops, Meet with Key Leaders Amid Russia’s War of Aggression Against Ukraine

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines is heading to Eastern Europe to meet with leaders in countries bordering Ukraine. During his visit, Daines will also meet with U.S. troops and receive briefings at the MK Airbase in Romania near the Black Sea. Daines will meet with U.S., NATO, and foreign leaders in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova. Updates will be shared throughout the Senator’s visit when possible, and a readout will be given following his visit. Daines proudly stands with President Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine against Putin’s war of aggression.   ###   Contact: Rachel Dumke,  Katie Schoettler

RECAP: Daines’ Bipartisan Senate Trip to Poland, Germany to Discuss Russian Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. SENATE — Following Daines’ bipartisan Senate delegation trip to Poland and Germany where he met with U.S. military leaders, NATO forces and NGOs to discuss Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, he issued the following statement:  “There is good and evil in this world, and we saw that firsthand with Putin’s war of aggression against the people of Ukraine. Meeting with U.S. military leaders, NATO forces and NGOs in Poland and Germany allowed us to gain greater insight into Russia’s invasion, including the terrible humanitarian crisis that it’s created and the importance of having a strong military and energy security,” Daines said. “In Berlin,

Daines to Join Bipartisan Delegation in Poland, Germany to Discuss Ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines will join a bipartisan Senate delegation trip to Poland and Germany to get a firsthand update on Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine and meet with U.S. military leaders, NGOs and Ukrainians. Ahead of their trip, the bipartisan group of senators shared the following statement:  This strong, bipartisan delegation proves the Senate stands united in its support for Ukraine. During our time in Poland and Germany, we will have the opportunity to gain greater insight on the U.S. and NATO response through engagements with top military leaders. We will return with better insight on how

Democrats Block Daines’ Standalone Bill to Provide $14 Billion in Assistance for Ukraine

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ standalone bill to provide $14 billion in military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine was blocked today by Senate Democrats.  “I’m disappointed to see my colleagues across the aisle choose politics over reason and block my bill that would have provided $14 billion in assistance to Ukraine in response to Russia’s ongoing invasion,” Daines said. The bill would have provided: $3.5 billion for military equipment $3 billion for DOD to re-position forces in response to Russia’s actions $6 billion in humanitarian and refugee assistance $650 million in foreign military financing to support Ukraine and regional allies Authorizes loan guarantees to help Ukraine and NATO divest from Russian

Daines Statement on Russia Invading Ukraine

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today released the below statement following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  “I’m praying for the people of Ukraine and condemn Putin’s outrageous attack on their sovereignty and independence. Putin is a thug, and he has been empowered and emboldened by Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline while killing America’s Keystone XL pipeline,” Daines said. “The skyrocketing price of oil and resulting inflation are stark reminders of the importance of increasing, not decreasing, made in America energy. I do not support sending American troops to Ukraine.”   ###   Contact: Rachel Dumke,  Katie