Committee Assignments

Senator Daines is only the third Senator from Montana to ever serve on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee – one of the most powerful in Congress. In this role, Senator Daines prioritizes pro-growth, pro-family, and pro-America tax policies, competitive trade policies that put Montana small businesses first, and greater access to lower cost prescription drugs.

In his role on the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Daines works to support Montana community banks, address the high cost of housing and works to hold big banks and their executives accountable.

Senator Daines has moved up in seniority on the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Senator Daines is committed to increasing public access to public lands for all Montanans, fostering locally driven common-sense conservation and advocating for high paying wages in Montana’s energy, mining, and forestry sectors. Senator Daines prioritizes strengthening Montana’s rich and balanced energy portfolio that includes coal, hydro-electric, natural gas, wind, solar and biomass. Daines also pushes for sustainable, science based active forest management legislative reforms and policies to prevent catastrophic wildfires, restore active management, create healthy forests, protect wood product careers, and protect wildlife habitats and watersheds jobs in Montana. 

On the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee, Senator Daines prioritizes the issue of public safety and economic opportunity for Montana’s Indian nations and fostering a better respect for the federal government’s government-to-government trust responsibility with our Indian nations. The Senator continues to advocate for policies to curtail the missing and murdered indigenous persons crisis, focusing on solutions to improve the safety of Montana’s native communities.