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Daines Works to Protect Montanans’ Civil Liberties and Right to Privacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today worked to protect Montanans’ privacy from commercial and non-commercial use of drones and other remotely piloted aircraft.   During today’s Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Daines pressed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to address Montanans’ significant privacy concerns over this emerging technology. “I come from the state of Montana that places a great value in privacy – in fact, you might argue that we have different privacy expectations than people in large urban areas, and that’s why people like to live in places like Montana,” Daines stated. “I do have concerns

Daines: FAA Decision on Powder River Training Complex is Disappointing, but Fight to Ensure Regional Safety Continues

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today expressed his disappointment with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) decision to approve the proposed expansion of the Powder River Training Complex, but reaffirmed his commitment to working with the FAA and Air Force to protect general aviation safety and economic activity in the region. The FAA today announced that it has approved and signed the Record of Decision for the Air Force’s proposed Powder River Training Complex.  The designated airspace will become effective on September 17, 2015. “It’s disappointing that the FAA has approved this expansion without addressing Montanans numerous concerns about the proposal’s

Daines: Obamacare Needs to be Repealed and Replaced

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On the five-year anniversary of President Obama’s signing Obamacare into law, Senator Steve Daines today called for the President’s health care overhaul to be repealed and replaced with state-led solutions that put patients in the center of the health care equation:  “Here we stand at the five-year anniversary of Obamacare. I remember hearing President Obama and Nancy Pelosi tell us that premiums would go down, that we’d have better access to health care and that if we like our health care plans, we could keep them. Well five years later, we look behind at a trail of broken

Daines Slams New Fracking Rule As Direct Attack on American Jobs, Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today blasted the Department of Interior’s new regulations on hydraulic fracturing on federally-owned lands as a direct attack on American jobs and American energy. “The Obama administration is at it again. States like Montana have successfully overseen hydraulic fracturing for years, but once again, the Obama administration seems more set on overregulating our energy industry than promoting the responsible development of our nation’s vast energy resources,” Daines stated. “This top-down regulation is duplicative, burdensome and ultimately, a direct attack on American energy production, critical tax revenue for our schools and communities, and thousands of good-paying jobs across

Daines Introduces Bill to Increase Government Accountability, Rein in Outdated Regulations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today introduced legislation to ease the regulatory burden facing Montanans by bringing much-needed accountability and transparency to the regulatory process. Daines’ bill, S. 826 the Regulatory Examination Vital for Improving and Evaluating Working Solutions (REVIEWS) Act, implements a decennial review of all federal rules to ensure that the American people aren’t subjected to regulations that are outdated, unworkable or simply no longer make sense. The bill requires federal agencies to subject all existing regulations to the Administrative Procedure Act’s Notice and Comment process every 10 years – allowing the American people to review and provide feedback on

Daines: It’s Time for Democrats to Put Politics Aside and Do What’s Right for the Victims of Human Trafficking

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today called on Senate Democrats to put politics aside and end their obstruction of the bipartisan Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act. “Montanans know firsthand the immeasurable damage that human trafficking has inflicted on our communities, our schools, and most of all, the victims of these horrific crimes. We also know the importance of coming together to support the victims of this modern-day slavery,” Daines stated. “That’s why I can’t understand why some Senate Democrats are obstructing this bipartisan, broadly supported bill. It’s unconscionable that anyone would rather place political games above abolishing human trafficking and securing long-overdue

PHOTO: Daines Meets Special Olympics Montana Athlete of the Year

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines met with Special Olympics Montana Athlete of the Year, Josh Anderson of Great Falls, this week in the United States Capitol. Daines gave Anderson and Bob Norbie, President and CEO of Special Olympics Montana, a tour of the United States Senate, during which time they discussed the important role that Special Olympics holds in Montana. “Special Olympics Montana is an incredible organization that is making a difference in communities and lives across Montana,” Daines stated. “Josh’s work with the Special Olympics is inspiring, and I commend him for his tireless efforts to increase awareness of this important program. I

Daines Calls for Increased Accountability and Transparency at FCC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today pressed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to increase transparency and accountability in the rule-making process and questioned the FCC’s routine practice of granting staff broad “editorial privileges” to make changes to rules previously voted on by FCC Commissioners. During a Senate Commerce Committee hearing held today with all five FCC commissioners in attendance, Daines repeatedly called on the FCC to release the original text of their rule regulating the Internet as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Despite Daines’ calls, Chairman Tom Wheeler refused to answer if he would release

Daines, Tester push Little Shell Recognition Bill through committee

Senate Indian Affairs Committee passes legislation to federally recognize Little Shell (U.S. SENATE) — Montana Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester today helped advance their bill to grant federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians out of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. The Little Shell Tribe, headquartered in Great Falls, was recognized by the State of Montana in 2000, but has sought federal recognition for over 35 years.  Both Tester and Daines applauded this important first step in getting the tribe federally recognized. “For far too long, the Little Shell Tribe has jumped through bureaucratic hoops and