Legislative Issues

  • Great American Outdoors Act

    It was an honor to lead this historic bipartisan effort to get the Great American Outdoors Act signed into law.

  • Daines' Work on the U.S. Postal Service

    I strongly support the mission of the USPS and its vital services to rural Montana. 

  • Job Creation and the Economy

    Getting our economy working again for our small businesses, families and hardworking Montanans is critical to our nation’s success.

  • Agriculture

    Our nation depends on Montana’s farmers, ranchers and producers. Montana is proud to have thriving rural communities where farming and ranching is a proud tradition and vital part of our economy.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Every Montanan deserves the opportunity to succeed. We need to get Congress working again for the American people to grow more good-paying, full-time jobs without leveraging the future of our next generation.

  • Government Overreach

    Far too often, Montanans are subjected to federal overreach that impedes growth and increases costs. Congress needs to increase accountability and transparency and work for the American people – not the other way around.

  • Energy, Natural Resources

    As a fifth-generation Montanan, I know the importance our state’s natural resources to our way of life. Natural Resources are an engine to our economy and to job creation. Our pristine glacial peaks and rivers, vibrant forests, wide-open spaces, and rich mineral and energy deposits earn beautiful Montana its name—the Treasure State.

  • Public Lands

    In Montana, our public lands are a way of life. As your United States Senator, I will continue to fight for expanded access to our public lands. This includes permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the proper management of our forests to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

  • Health Care

    Montana families deserve access to quality, affordable health care without Washington's top-down regulations.

  • Securing Our Borders

    Protecting the integrity of our borders is critical to ensuring our national security.

  • Montana Values

    Our country was founded on principles of faith, individual freedom and respect for life. We must continue to ensure that these principles are protected from federal infringement.

  • Indian Affairs

    Montana’s tribes are an essential part of Montana’s vibrant history and culture. Working for Indian Country is a top priority for me in the Senate, so that our tribes' role in the future of our state is as important as it was in the past.

  • Transportation and Infrastructure

    Our transportation infrastructure supports our state’s economy and is critical for our state’s farmers, ranchers and other industries across Montana.

  • Seniors

    Our nation’s elderly should not be forced into bankruptcy and face undue hardships in their retirement. I strongly support protecting Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations.

  • Veterans

    I’m dedicated to ensuring that our veterans receive the care and benefits that they fought for and greatly deserve.

  • Education

    It is critical we equip our children with the tools they need to become our nation’s future leaders. Education is key to building a globally competitive economy.

  • Communications, Technology, and Innovation

    We must encourage the growth of high-tech jobs in Montana. These are good-paying jobs that will not only allow our state to grow economically – they will ensure that the students we’re training at our universities and colleges can stay in Montana.

  • National Security

    As emerging threats in the Middle East endanger our security at home and abroad, it is critical that we develop a clear strategy to address global and national security threats.

  • Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment rights of American citizens must be honored and protected. I will stand firm against any infringement or overreach that threatens Montanans’ rights to keep and bear arms.

  • Supporting Our Troops

    Americans serving in our armed forces work every day to protect our national security and to ensure that our country remains the leading voice for freedom in the world. Our reservists and members of the Guard play a vital role in keeping America strong while also serving our communities.

  • Pro-Life

    I will always fight for the unborn's right to life.