Support for Daines’ Protect Public Use of Public Lands Act Continues

Forest Service, County Commissions, local groups endorse Daines’ bill

U.S. SENATE — The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today held a hearing on U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ bill, the Protect Public Use of Public Lands Act. Daines’ bill protects public access and use of Montana’s public lands by implementing the U.S. Forest Service’s recommendation to release 449,500 acres of Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) in Montana.

“As a fifth-generation Montanan and avid outdoorsman, I understand how important public lands are to Montanans,” said Daines. “After 40 years of inaction from Congress, it is time to unlock our public lands and return them to the people of Montana.”

During the hearing, Daines questioned the U.S. Forest Service about why they support the release of the five WSAs included in Daines’ bill and what the public input process looked like as they conducted their study of the WSAs.

WSA Hearing

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