Daines to Host Teletownhall to Discuss Senate Health Bill with Montanans

U.S. SENATE —U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced that he will host his seventeenth teletownhall next Wednesday, June 28 to discuss the Senate healthcare discussion draft with Montanans.

Earlier today, Daines posted the healthcare bill on his website, Facebook and Twitter for Montanans to read. Click HERE to read the bill.

During the teletownhall, Daines will answer questions on healthcare asked from across Montana. 

Daines encourages all Montanans to join his teletownhall by texting “SenatorDaines” (one word) to 828282 or by calling any of Daines’ offices to get registered for the event. Office locations and phone numbers are available here: https://www.daines.senate.gov

WHAT: Daines to host his seventeenth teletownhall as a U.S. Senator on the Senate healthcare bill. 


               6:15PM MDT