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In Wake of Activist District Court Ruling Shortening Wolf Trapping Season, Daines Sends Letter to Biden Admin Requesting Expedited Review of Grizzly Bear Delisting

“It’s time to Stop Hiding Behind Activist Judges and D.C Bureaucracy and Recognize the Successful Recovery of the Grizzly” U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines sent a letter this week requesting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expeditiously complete their 12-month review of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem grizzly bears and delist these recovered populations, so the state of Montana can manage wolf populations. Delisting the two populations of grizzly bears would remove the argument litigants are using to block Montana’s wolf trapping regulations. Montana shows every day it can successfully manage stable wolf populations. Litigants in the District