Daines, Rosendale Urge Biden Admin to Finalize Rule to Reverse Disastrous Cottonwood Decision

U.S. CONGRESS - U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Representative Matt Rosendale are leading their colleagues in urging the Biden administration to resolve challenges stemming from the disastrous Cottonwood decision which threatens Montana forest management projects. "During a congressional hearing on October 2021, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) testified that unless action is taken to resolve challenges stemming from the 2015 Cottonwood Environmental Law Center v. U.S. Forest Service, (Cottonwood) … Continue Reading


Daines Introduces Bill to Prevent Federal Funding of Crack Pipes

U.S. SENATE - This week, U.S. Senator Steve Daines introduced a bill that would prohibit the federal government from purchasing, supplying or distributing crack pipes or similar drug paraphernalia. "It is outrageous that as Montana communities are being devastated by drugs and crime fueled by the southern border crisis, the Biden administration would even think about using taxpayer money to fund and distribute crack pipes. We should be preventing drug use, not promoting it," Daines said. Earl… Continue Reading


Daines Slams Haaland for Politicizing Gray Wolf Management

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines slammed Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland for continuing to ignore the science and politicize gray wolf management during a Senate Energy Subcommittee hearing this week. Despite available science and data showing that the gray wolf populations are strong and healthy, the current law and the State of Montana's proven track record of gray wolf management, Haaland wrote an opinion piece earlier this week threatening to circumvent Montana's auth… Continue Reading


Daines Leads Hearing on Implementation of Great American Outdoors Act

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines, the top Republican on the Senate National Parks Subcommittee, today led a hearing on the implementation of the historic conservation bill, "Great American Outdoors Act" or "GAOA," which Daines championed in 2020. To watch Daines' full opening remarks, click HERE. "This bill was one of the greatest conservation victories in the last 50 years. Republicans and Democrats came together to pass a historic bill that would invest in our parks, public lands, a… Continue Reading


Daines, Rosendale Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Ban Members of Congress from Trading & Owning Individual Stocks

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Representative Matt Rosendale today introduced a bipartisan, bicameral bill to ban Members of Congress and their spouses from owning and trading individual stocks. The bill, the "Bipartisan Ban on Congressional Stock Ownership Act of 2022," was introduced by Daines and Senator Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate and Rosendale and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal in the U.S. House. This is the first bipartisan effort on this issue in the Senate and the pro… Continue Reading


Daines: Pandemic, Lockdowns have Heightened Mental Health Challenges for Montana Youth

U.S. SENATE - Today at a Senate Finance Committee hearing, Senator Steve Daines emphasized the concerning mental health impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on young Montanans. Specifically, Daines highlighted how pandemic policies like lockdowns have had a profound effect on our nation's children. Daines is thankful for the leadership of Governor Gianforte who worked to end lockdowns and support the health and well-being of our children by getting them back to school. Daines has been … Continue Reading


Daines, Colleagues: Federal Broadband Projects Must Prioritize Rural America

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines and several of his Senate colleagues sent a letter to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) expressing the importance of reliable broadband service for rural America. They requested that Federally-funded broadband projects prioritize unserved areas instead of overbuilding existing broadband infrastructure in areas with reliable broadband service. "NTIA has an opportunity to make substantial impact on connecting rural Americ… Continue Reading


Daines, Rosendale Fight for Montana Truckers, Urge Biden Admin to Honor Montana’s Request to Extend Federal ELDT Deadline

U.S. CONGRESS - U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Matt Rosendale urged the Biden administration to extend the deadline for the Entry Level Driver Training program for all new commercial driver license (CDL) applicants to give the State of Montana time to implement the necessary change, protect Montana trucking jobs and prevent more issues with the supply chain. "We write in response to the impending February 7th, 2022 deadline for the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) program, which re… Continue Reading


Daines Demands Answers from the VA on Decisions Impacting Veterans Health Care

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines sent a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs calling for transparency and answers on decisions impacting Montana veterans. This includes an investigation which found 1,600 potentially ineligible providers in the VA's system, the VA quietly consolidating Community Care offices and pending VA health care facility closures. "As you know, the GAO recently flagged some 1,600 health care providers as potentially ineligible to participate in the VCCP, in… Continue Reading


Daines, Tester Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Clean Up Montana’s Abandoned Mines

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester today introduced a bipartisan bill to make it easier for "Good Samaritans" to help clean up and improve water quality in and around abandoned hardrock mines across Montana. "My bipartisan bill will help remove obstacles to abandoned mine clean up in Montana," Daines said. "Cutting burdensome red tape and shielding Good Samaritan organizations from liability will increase the pace and scale of reclamation and in turn, support rural Montana … Continue Reading


Daines Demands Answers from Biden on Mass Release of Illegal Immigrants into the U.S. on Taxpayer Funded Flights

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines is demanding answers from the Biden administration about recent reports of taxpayer dollars being used to transport illegal immigrants on "midnight flights" and the mass release of illegal immigrants into American communities. "We write today regarding the movement of dangerous illegal immigrants from the border for release into law-abiding American communities. In light of the public reporting around "midnight flights" of illegal immigrants, we request … Continue Reading


Daines, King Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Address Increased Visitation on Public Lands and Support Partnerships with Montana Gateway Communities

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senators Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Angus King (I-Maine), top Republican and Democrat on the Senate's National Parks Subcommittee, introduced the bipartisan "Gateway Community and Recreation Enhancement Act" to support gateway communities and address challenges facing national parks and public lands like increased visitation and housing shortages. The bipartisan bill also aims to help boost visitation at lesser known parks and recreation areas. "Our national parks and public … Continue Reading


Daines Blasts Amnesty International’s Report Calling Israel Apartheid State, Demands Retraction from Organization

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines sent a letter demanding Amnesty International retract its biased and erroneous report which accuses the State of Israel of being an apartheid state. "I write to express my strong disapproval with Amnesty International's recent biased and erroneous report accusing the State of Israel of being an apartheid state, and I call for its retraction. I am concerned such accusations will only worsen antisemitism, encourage anti-Israel extremists, and harm efforts f… Continue Reading


Daines: Illegal Immigrants with Arrest Warrants Should be Arrested, Not Cleared by TSA

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced a bill to prohibit the use of an ICE arrest warrant as a form of identification at aviation checkpoints. "It's pretty simple - if an illegal immigrant presents their own arrest warrant as a form of ID, they should be immediately arrested, not cleared by TSA to hop on a plane in the United States," Daines said. "The fact this is even an issue is beyond outrageous. This is a threat to our national security and it must be stopped immediately… Continue Reading


Daines, Senate Colleagues Fight for Pregnant Moms to Receive Tax Relief

U.S. Senate - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today, joined by several of his Senate colleagues, reintroduced the "Child Tax Credit for Pregnant Moms Act," which allows pregnant moms to claim the Child Tax Credit for their unborn children. "Expecting parents begin providing and preparing for their child the minute they learn they're having a baby-the Child Tax Credit should reflect the fact that unborn children are children too," Daines said. "From prenatal care to stocking up on baby supplies, this … Continue Reading


Daines Calls on Biden Admin to Reconsider Denial of Montana Small Refinery Exemptions

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines is calling on the Biden administration to reconsider its proposed blanket denial of Montana small refinery exemptions (SRE) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program as this runs counter to congressional intent under the Clean Air Act. "We are puzzled by the action EPA took in these proposals, including the unprecedented and drastic step to propose a blanket denial of all 65 outstanding small refinery hardship petitions at a time of increasing gasol… Continue Reading


Daines Announces Over $450K to Support Anaconda Telehealth Program

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced $457,603 will be granted to AWARE Inc. in Anaconda, Montana to purchase equipment and software to help improve the connectivity and capabilities of their telehealth program and provide critical remote services to Montanans. "For many Montanans, telehealth has become a vital lifeline to healthcare," Daines said. "I'm glad to see AWARE Inc. in Anaconda receive these resources to help make telehealth more reliable and accessible for Montanans… Continue Reading


Daines, Gianforte, Rosendale Press Biden Admin for Exemptions to Vaccine Mandate for Rural Montana Hospitals

MONTANA - U.S. Senator Steve Daines, Governor Greg Gianforte and Congressman Matt Rosendale today pushed the Biden administration to issue exemptions to the healthcare worker vaccine mandate for health facilities where Montanans' access to care, especially in rural communities, is jeopardized. Many hospitals, especially in rural Montana, cannot afford to lose another healthcare professional, and the vaccine mandate on healthcare workers threatens to worsen labor shortages and limit Montanans' ac… Continue Reading


Daines Announces Peyton Haddock of Hamilton Receives Offer of Appointment to United States Naval Academy

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced academy nominee Peyton Haddock of Hamilton, Montana, has been offered an appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. "Peyton will be an outstanding addition to the Naval Academy," Daines said. "Peyton has a bright future ahead, and I have no doubt she will continue to make Montana proud. Congratulations, Peyton!" Peyton currently attends Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Montana and has attended the U.S. Naval… Continue Reading


Daines: Montana Parents Should Have a Choice in their Child’s Education

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines introduced a Senate resolution designating this week, January 23 through January 29, 2022, as National School Choice Week. "Montana parents know what's best for their children-we must support their right to have a say in their student's education," Daines said. "It's critical that we empower and support parents with the flexibility to choose how and where their child is educated, especially in a rural state like Montana." To read the resolution, click H… Continue Reading

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