Daines: Any New Missile Treaties Should Include China

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines introduced a Senate resolution stating any treaty that limits the United States' ballistic missile arsenal must impose the same limits on both Russia and China, and it must be subject to consent from the U.S. Senate. "Since the United States first entered the INF treaty with Russia, China has been developing and building an arsenal of ballistic missiles," Daines said. "Any treaty moving forward must hold both Russia and China to the same standards, and it… Continue Reading


Daines, Markey Bring Awareness to Americans Suffering from Brain Tumors

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senators Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Edward Markey (D-Mass.) introduced a bipartisan Senate resolution recognizing May 2021 as "Brain Tumor Awareness Month." "Too many Montanans and their families struggle with the terrible health implications of brain tumors. We must continue to raise awareness on this important health issue that touches the lives of Montanans and many Americans," Daines said. "Far too many Americans die from debilitating brain tumors every year, and Massac… Continue Reading


Daines: Biden Budget is Reckless, Packed with Wasteful Spending that will Hurt MT Families, Businesses & Jobs

U.S. SENATE -U.S. Senator Steve Daines today released the following statement after President Biden submitted his budget request to Congress. "The President's budget is packed with wasteful spending that will strap future generations with trillions of dollars in debt to advance his liberal agenda," Daines said. "Included in this budget are billions of taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood and more of Biden's anti-energy agenda that will kill Montana jobs and raise costs for Montana families. … Continue Reading


Daines Leads Senate Hearing on State of National Parks

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines led his first hearing of the year as the lead Republican of the National Parks Subcommittee, where he examined the state of the National Park System, including park readiness as they reopen for the busy summer season. Click HERE to watch and download the Senator's opening remarks. Download TV elements HERE. At the hearing, Daines raised the issue of challenges national parks face in upgrading and providing needed housing to hire and recruit top tier emp… Continue Reading


Daines: Past Time for New Students to Attend Anaconda and Trapper Creek Job Corps In Person

U.S. SENATE -U.S. Senator Steve Daines is calling on the Biden administration to allow new students to join the Anaconda and Trapper Creek Job Corps in person. Daines stressed that since the Job Corps has been safely operating in person, new students can safely join as well. "As you are aware, the current guidance for the Job Corps does not allow new students to attend in person on campus, and students are instead required to attend virtually. Job Corps provides valuable educational and vocatio… Continue Reading


Daines Introduces Bipartisan Package to Promote Retirement Security for Montanans

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines is helping lead bipartisan efforts in the U.S. Senate to help Montanans prepare for retirement. The package includes Daines' bipartisan "Retirement Savings Lost and Found Act" that helps Montanans track their retirement accounts as they move between jobs. "Montanans work hard to build their savings in preparation for a worry-free retirement-their efforts and savings should be secure," Daines said. "I'm glad to join my colleagues from both sides of the a… Continue Reading


Daines Defends Montana’s Right to Energy and Agriculture Exports

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines reintroduced a bill that would prevent blue states from politicizing the water certification process and shutting down projects such as the Millennium Bulk Terminal, which could have created hundreds of Montana jobs, including tribal jobs, by expanding trade opportunities for Montana coal. "With President Biden's attacks on made in America energy, it is critical that Congress removes unnecessary roadblocks that are locking up Montana's rich natural resour… Continue Reading


Daines, Cortez Masto Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Make Pandemic-Driven Expanded Telehealth Access Permanent

U.S. SENATE -U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced a bipartisan bill with Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) that would make pandemic-driven expanded access to telehealth services permanent. Daines originally authored and passed a temporary provision in the "CARES Act" to expand access to virtual care services during the pandemic and unveiled legislation making it permanent today at a Senate Finance Committee hearing focused on health care flexibilities and lessons learned from the pan… Continue Reading


Daines Introduces Bipartisan Package to Support, Revitalize the USPS

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today helped introduce a bipartisan package that would support the United States Postal Service (USPS), ease its financial burdens, help it to better serve its customers and increase transparency, accountability, and efficiency within USPS. "The U.S. Postal Service is critical for Montana, especially for Montanans in rural communities, Montana seniors, Montana veterans and Montana small business owners. That's why I'm teaming up with a group of my biparti… Continue Reading


Daines Leading Bipartisan Effort to Protect Montanans from Travel Scams

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines is urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take action to protect Montanans from travel scams. The Senator highlighted recent reports of incidents involving scammers posing as travel or booking agents and creating fraudulent airline websites to sell fake hotel bookings and airline tickets. "The FTC plays a critical role in protecting consumers from unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices in the marketplace, including travel scams. While the FTC po… Continue Reading


Daines Statement on SCOTUS Taking Up Major Abortion Case

U.S. SENATE -U.S. Senator Steve Daines today made the following statement after the Supreme Court announced it will consider Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, and rule on the constitutionality of Mississippi's ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. "Every life is precious and created with dignity and potential. There is no constitutional right to abortion, yet for nearly 50 years since Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, more than 62 million children have been the tragic victim… Continue Reading


Daines, Tester Continue Fight for First Responders

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senators Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) reintroduced their bipartisan bill, the "Putting First Responders First Act," to clarify the current tax code to ensure first responders do not have to pay taxes on injury-related compensation when hurt in the line of duty. Daines and Tester reintroduced the bill during National Police Week. "Montana's first responders risk their lives every day while serving our communities," Daines said. "The last thing our first … Continue Reading


Daines Leads Senate Hearing on Mental Health, Addiction Challenges Facing Montana

U.S. SENATE - As the top Republican on the U.S. Senate Finance Subcommittee on Heath Care, Senator Steve Daines today led a hearing on improving mental health and addiction services in our communities, where he highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Montana. Click HERE to watch and download the Senator's opening remarks. "May is Mental Health Awareness Month - an issue at the top of my mind and many others following a year of isolation for Montanans and Americans across th… Continue Reading


Daines Presses Biden’s Trade Rep on Waiving Vaccine Patents, Trade Issues Impacting MT

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines challenged the United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai on President Biden's proposal to waive vaccine patents and called on the Biden administration to re-engage with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) for the benefit of Montana. To watch the exchange, click HERE. "China has long been a serial abuser of IP, and the China Phase One deal made progress in that space. Our focus needs to be on fully and aggressively enforcing that deal. We need … Continue Reading


Daines Helping Lead Effort in U.S. Senate to End Workforce Shortage

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines is leading efforts in the U.S. Senate to help incentivize getting Montanans back to work as the state continues to recover from the pandemic. Daines cosponsored the "Back to Work Bonus Act," which would give currently unemployed workers who return to work a one-time payment similar to a hiring bonus, and he introduced the "Get Americans Back to Work Act," which would end the federal unemployment pandemic enhancement payments. "Businesses across Montana a… Continue Reading


Daines to Biden: Waiving COVID-19 Vaccine Patents, IP Protections Undermines American Innovation

U.S. SENATE -U.S. Senator Steve Daines is calling on President Biden to protect American innovation and not give away COVID-19 vaccine patents and IP protections to foreign countries that were made possible because of American science and ingenuity. Daines' request comes after the Biden administration announced its support for waiving IP protections for COVID-19 vaccines earlier this month. "Suspending World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations to protect IP on COVID-19 vaccines would not only… Continue Reading


Daines Helps Secure Over $12 Million For Montana Airports

U.S. SENATE- U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced that $12,031,247.00 will be allocated to various airports across Montana to strengthen air travel infrastructure. "These grants will help local Montana airports with infrastructure projects and improve their ability to accommodate the high travel demand that Montana faces each summer. I'm glad to see these airports receive the support that they need," Daines said. The $12,031,247.00 will be distributed to the following airports: $708,36… Continue Reading


Daines Announces $250K Grant for the National Museum of Forest Service History in Missoula

U.S. SENATE- U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced that the National Museum of Forest Service History in Missoula will be receiving a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant of $250,000. "I'm glad to see the National Museum of Forest Service History in Missoula receive resources that will contribute to community outreach and education on the importance of our forests, timber jobs and timber products. This funding will help support and maintain Montana's rich timber legacy," Daines said. The f… Continue Reading


Daines Announces $185K Grant for Glendive’s Dawson Community Airport

U.S. SENATE- U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced that Glendive will be receiving $185,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation to construct a new terminal building at the Dawson Community Airport as part of funding from the CARES Act. "The pandemic has placed extra burdens on local governments and their budgets, so I am glad to have helped secure this grant for Glendive to fund the final phase of construction of the Dawson Community Airport's new terminal building," Daines said.… Continue Reading


Daines, Tester Bring Awareness to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester's resolution marking May 5th, 2021, as a National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls passed the U.S. Senate. "It's important to keep the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis at the forefront of the national conversation. On May 5 we remember Hanna Harris, who would be celebrating her 29th birthday, and the countless other lives that have been lost due to this crisis. Shedding a light on this tragic… Continue Reading

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