Daines Continues Work to Pass Forest Management Reform to Prevent Deadly Wildfires in Montana

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced legislation that would increase active forest management to prevent deadly wildfires in Montana. This legislation is in addition to several other forest management and wildfire prevention measures Daines is working to get signed into law. "Montana is battling yet another catastrophic wildfire season. We must do everything we can to manage our forests to reduce the risk of severe wildfires and protect Montana families and communities from … Continue Reading


Daines Votes Against Stone-Manning’s Nomination Following New Information Uncovered Regarding Her Involvement in a Tree Spiking Eco-Terrorism Crime

U.S. SENATE- U.S. Senator Steve Daines today voted against President Biden's nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Tracy Stone-Manning, during a United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources meeting. Daines' "NO" vote follows new information uncovered about Stone-Manning's involvement in a 1989 tree spiking crime including obstructing a federal investigation for four years. To watch Daines' remarks, click HERE. Daines' remarks as prepared for delivery: "M… Continue Reading


Daines Leads Fight to Protect Montana Family Farms, Small Businesses From Increased Tax Burden

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today led all 50 Senate Republicans in urging President Biden to abandon his effort to impose a tax increase on Montana family-owned businesses, farms, and ranches. "These changes are a significant tax increase that would hit family-owned businesses, farms, and ranches hard, particularly in rural communities," the Senators wrote. "These businesses consist largely of illiquid assets that will in many cases need to be sold or leveraged in order to pay the n… Continue Reading


Daines Slams Biden Admin for Keeping Northern Border Closed to MT Families, Businesses

U.S. SENATE - Despite an announcement this week that Canada will reopen the northern border for fully vaccinated Americans on August 9th, the Biden administration today responded that they will keep the northern border closed until at least August 21st. U.S. Senator Steve Daines released the following statement. "Yet again, the Biden administration is refusing to reopen the northern border for our economy and jobs, while leaving the southern border wide open to illegal drugs and immigrants. The… Continue Reading


Daines Introduces Bill to Protect Vulnerable Mothers, Unborn Children from Dangerous Chemical Abortions on College Campuses

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced the "Protecting Life on College Campus Act" to prohibit federal funds from going to any college or university with a campus health clinic that provides abortions or abortion drugs. "For too long the abortion industry has been taking advantage of vulnerable women and now, blue states like California are beginning to require campus clinics to provide chemical abortions on demand," Daines stated. "These do-it-yourself abortions put young wom… Continue Reading


Daines Speaks on President Biden’s Bureau of Land Management Nominee Tracy Stone-Manning

U.S. SENATE- U.S. Senator Steve Daines today spoke on the floor of the United States Senate about President Biden's nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning. Daines highlighted new information regarding Stone-Manning's involvement in a tree spiking crime including obstructing a federal investigation and withholding critical information that could have resulted in criminals being put behind bars years before they were. To watch the full speech, click HERE. To read … Continue Reading


Daines Reintroduces Welfare Reform Bill to Help Low Income MT Families Find Work, Strengthen Work Requirements

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today reintroduced welfare reform legislation, the "Jobs and Opportunity with Benefits and Services Act" or "JOBS Act," to help low-income Montana families find work by helping connect them with employers and other resources that will help Montana parents secure good-paying jobs. Daines' bill strengthens welfare work requirements, helps Montana families secure access to child care and helps lift Montana children out of poverty. "Finding and keeping a jo… Continue Reading


Daines Statement Following Announcement that Canada Will Reopen the Northern Border for Fully Vaccinated Americans in August

U.S. CONGRESS - Following an announcement that Canada will reopen the northern border for fully vaccinated Americans on August 9th, U.S. Senator Steve Daines is urging President Biden respond by fully reopening the northern border. "It's time to reopen the border between Montana and Canada, and it's time to do it now, not weeks from now. Doing so is essential for Montana families, agriculture, jobs and tourism," Daines said. "While I'm encouraged to see Canada finally make an official announc… Continue Reading


Daines, Rosendale Efforts to Have USDA Open CRP for Emergency Haying and Grazing to Help with Drought Pays Off

U.S. SENATE - Following a push by U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Representative Matt Rosendale, USDA has announced it will open Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land in Montana for emergency haying and grazing. "I am pleased to see the USDA listen to my request for this emergency assistance for our farmers and ranchers as we face extreme drought conditions. The USDA should not stop here. We need them to go farther and designate ALL Montana counties as primary natural disaster areas and provid… Continue Reading


Daines Secures, Advances Critical Montana Wins Including Funding for St. Mary’s Water Project, Forest Management Reforms to Prevent Deadly Wildfires, Pay Raises for Firefighters

U.S. SENATE -After securing the inclusion of major wins for Montana including and funding for the St. Mary's Milk River Project, bipartisan forest management provisions to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires and provide pay raises to wildland firefighters, U.S. Senator Steve Daines today voted to support a bipartisan proposal out of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. "After years of work, I'm glad to finally see funding advanced for the St. Mary's Milk River water pro… Continue Reading


Daines: David Chipman’s Nomination is an Attack on Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Second Amendment Rights

U.S. SENATE- U.S. Senator Steve Daines today spoke on the floor of the United States Senate in defense of Montanans' Second Amendment rights. Daines urged his colleagues to oppose President Biden's nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), David Chipman. To watch and download the full speech, click HERE. Daines also urged the passage of the "ATF Accountability Act." Daines' remarks as prepared for delivery: "Thank you to my friend and colleague Senator Braun for l… Continue Reading


Daines Introduces Bill to Counter Big Tech’s Bias, Protect Political Speech & Beliefs of Users

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced a bill to crack down on big tech and online platforms' ability to discriminate against users based on their political speech and beliefs. Daines' bill would enforce equal access to political candidates on online platforms as well as create a provision to prohibit the removal of content based on political beliefs. "The Big Tech oligarchs have been using their influence and power to tip the scales in our democracy and it must stop," Daine… Continue Reading


Daines Statement on Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution

U.S. SENATE -U.S. Senator Steve Daines made the following statement after Senate Democrats announced a massive $3.5 trillion spending plan with major tax increases: "Just yesterday, Montana families woke up to more disastrous news on inflation, which is at a 13-year high, and they are quickly being priced out of affording everyday necessities like food and gasoline. Democrats are foolish to think a massive $3.5 trillion tax and spend plan will help Montana families. Montanans don't want bigger g… Continue Reading


Montana Cities to Keep Current City Size Designations following Daines’ Successful Efforts

U.S. SENATE - Following several pushes from U.S. Senator Steve Daines, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced that they will maintain the current Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) standards that allow Bozeman, Missoula and Great Falls to receive greater federal funding. "I'm glad to see the Biden administration listen to my request and rollback the proposal to change city size designations that would have robbed Bozeman, Missoula and Great Falls of critical resources. This is gre… Continue Reading


Daines to Biden Admin: Don’t Re-write Navigable Waters Protection Rule, Support Montana Farmers, Ranchers

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today urged the Biden administration to support Montana farmers and ranchers by maintaining the Navigable Waters Protection Rule (NWPR). In a letter to top officials at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Daines highlighted concerns with the 2015 Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS) and demanded that the Biden administration answer important questions surrounding the vague process of revisiting the NWPR. "W… Continue Reading


Daines, Rosendale Continue Push for Emergency Relief for Montana Farmers, Ranchers During Drought

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Matt Rosendale today urged USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to approve Governor Greg Gianforte's request to designate ALL counties in Montana as primary natural disaster areas due to extreme drought conditions. The letter also includes a request for the authorization of emergency haying and grazing on Conservation Reserve Program land to provide additional forage for livestock. "As you know, over 90% of Montana is facing drought conditions with… Continue Reading


What They Are Saying: 13 Conservation Groups Endorse Daines’ Bipartisan Conservation Easement Bill

U.S. SENATE - Last week, 13 conservation groups from across the nation expressed their support for Senator Steve Daines' bipartisan "Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act." Daines' bill will stop abusive syndicated conservation easements, save taxpayers billions of dollars and promote conservation in the United States. The groups include: Land Trust Alliance, Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, American Society of… Continue Reading


Daines, Tester, Rosendale Urge President Biden to Honor Final Surviving WWII Medal Of Honor Recipient with State Funeral

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester and Congressman Matt Rosendale sent a letter to President Biden advocating for a state funeral to be held for the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient. "These ceremonies offer our nation the opportunity to pause and reflect on the service of not only the individual, but also those who served alongside them," the delegation wrote. "Mr. President, you hold the authority to designate a state funeral and we request that you hon… Continue Reading


Daines Reintroduces Bill to Prevent Taxpayer Dollars Going to the Abortion Industry

U.S. SENATE - U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced the "Protecting Life and Taxpayers Act" to help end taxpayer support for the abortion industry. "Not a single penny of taxpayer dollars should go to fund Planned Parenthood or any other abortion business," Daines said. We must protect all life and the consciences of pro-life American taxpayers by defunding the abortion industry once and for all." Read the full text of the bill HERE. Background: · Every year, the abortion… Continue Reading


Daines, Rosendale Urge Biden to Allow Emergency Grazing in the MT Refuge

U.S. CONGRESS - U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Matt Rosendale today urged the Biden administration to open the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge for emergency livestock grazing due to extreme drought conditions in Montana. "According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, the majority of counties in northeast Montana are experiencing historic, extreme drought conditions threatening the livelihood of rural communities and devastating agricultural operations. We respectfully urge you to immedi… Continue Reading

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