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KTVH: Lewis & Clark County’s Treatment graduates were congratulated by a special guest

The three most recent graduates from Lewis & Clark County's Treatment Court earned congratulations from a special guest Monday afternoon. Kyle Tisher, Jacob Siewert, and Alvin Grant went through the treatment court as an alternative to traditional sentencing. Some participate in the program for more than a year and a half. Treatment court is specifically designed for non-violent drug offenders, and also to hold them accountable for their actions while helping them become positive members … Continue Reading


Missoulian: Lynx rule becomes law of land, but will the law stand?

A court order to do more work on protecting Canadian lynx in Rocky Mountain forests could become a late-season battleground for congressional action this winter. Last week, the Supreme Court let stand a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the U.S. Forest Service has to take a big-picture look at how it protects critical lynx habitat across 12 million acres touching 11 national forests. While wildlife advocates claimed a major win for the Endangered Species Act, timber industry sup… Continue Reading


The Searchlight: Senator Daines Tours United Grain

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, United States Senator Steve Daines, along with his press secretary Katie Waldman and field representative Nate Williams, arrived in Culbertson to tour the United Grain Company facility. This was one of the many stops on Daines' 648-mile trip around Montana. Daines greeted several of United Grain's managers after arrival and discussed the new construction at the facility and the presidential election. Construction on United Grain's new grain bins began on July 5, 2015, and th… Continue Reading


Sidney Herald: Daines seeks LYIP language

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., will seek legislative text during the next session to ensure farmers served by the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project do not pay the increased costs of making the Glendive Intake Diversion dam more fish friendly. Daines is on the Senate Committee on Appropriations and the subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies, among several others. The diversion dam in Glendive serves 58,000 acres of croplan… Continue Reading


Fallon County Times: Touring southeastern Montana with Sen. Daines

Eastern Montana was the focus for Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., last week as he toured 13 towns within the region, including Baker, as part of his latest tour to talk jobs, agricultural and economic opportunities and specific concerns in each community. Eastern Montana was the focus for Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., last week as he toured 13 towns within the region, including Baker, as part of his latest tour to talk jobs, agricultural and economic opportunities and specific concerns in each comm… Continue Reading


The Missoulian: Softwood deal collapse could drive up U.S. lumber prices

Lumber producers in Montana don't expect big changes after midnight Wednesday, when the U.S.-Canadian Softwood Lumber Agreement expires without a replacement. But that doesn't mean little ripples won't turn into waves later on as loggers on both sides of the border try to meet American housing market demand for 2x4s. A weak Canadian dollar, increased pace of construction, shifting Asian export demands and a U.S. presidential campaign targeting international trade deals all stir a pot previo… Continue Reading


Billings Gazette: Daines takes on hotel booking fraud

Mike Nelson had a problem. People without reservations at his posh Northern Hotel kept showing up at the front desk insisting they had booked a room online. They were furious when they were told there was no booking, even more so on the occasions when the downtown Billings hotel had no vacancy. The problem was online booking agencies, with no affiliation whatsoever with the Northern, wrongfully charging customers and never booking rooms. The booking sites used the details scraped from … Continue Reading


Flathead Beacon: U.S., Canada Approaching Trade Dispute Over Softwood Lumber

Barring last-minute deal, U.S. timber industry poised to initiate trade cases against Canada in court The U.S. and Canadian governments are approaching the end of a one-year standstill that could erupt into a trade dispute over timber imports that industry officials and federal lawmakers say are hurting Montana mills. Trade representatives from both countries have until midnight, Oct. 12 to reach a new deal before industry leaders can file complaints in court against Canada. The U.S. timber i… Continue Reading


Great Falls Tribune: Veteran at war with system over hearing aid

HELENA - A Vietnam veteran upset with the federal Veteran's Choice program in his quest to get a hearing aid has threatened to burn the card that registers him in the program, reflecting frustration with all parties involved to say they are looking for ways to fix the system for all veterans. Helena resident Dave Dube's complaint reflects a deeper problem with the program, officials said, as many local audiologists and optometrists decline to participate, saying payments are late or come up sho… Continue Reading


Sidney Roundup: Senator Daines Discussed the Need for a Continued FBI Presence in Richland County

Senator Steve Daines was in Sidney Oct. 5th; he met with local beet growers at Sidney Sugars, toured the Intake Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project Diversion Dam, and held a roundtable discussion focused on the needs of law enforcement, specifically the continuing drug issues in the Bakken region, as well as the need for the temporary Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent presence in Sidney to be made permanent. Federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies were in attendance.… Continue Reading


KTVQ: Billings hoteliers say phony booking sites harm tourism industry, Daines sponsors bill

When Steve Wahrlich, the owner of the Clock Tower Inn, went to check in at his room at a Bozeman hotel, he discovered that his reservation was never actually made. It may sound like a minor nuisance, Wahrlich, like many other hotel guests pre-paid for his room using a third-party booking site. Sen. Steve Daines (R-Montana) visited with leaders of the Montana tourism industry in Billings on Tuesday to talk about his newly proposed legislation to tackle phony hotel reservation websites. Thousan… Continue Reading


Sidney Herald: Maintaining the FBI

Senator visits with law enforcement, local officials during time in Sidney After hearing about the importance of having a FBI office in Sidney, U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., has written a request to the FBI director to stress why a FBI presence is needed. The letter included, "Removal of the physical presence of FBI agents from the region is ill-advised and would be detrimental to the ongoing work of law enforcement in the region. Area law enforcement officials have conveyed their concern… Continue Reading


Sidney Herald: Daines visits Sidney Sugars, talks about new farm bill

The ball is already on the ground and rolling for the 2018 farm bill, and U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., had his ear to the ground for those issues most on farmers' minds during a visit to Sidney Sugars Wednesday, where growers talked about the increasing difficulties they face getting to a profitable harvest. Daines made a swing through eastern Montana, starting off with breakfast in Malta and ending at the Wibaux County Courthouse. Prior to arriving in Sidney, he had visited United Grain i… Continue Reading


Billings Gazette: Guest opinion: Court should limit EPA's power

Last week, an appeals court in Washington, D.C., heard a case that will determine whether the Environmental Protection Agency has the power to require states to restructure the electric grid. At issue is the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which would expand the power of the federal government immensely, cost thousands of jobs, and give the EPA a veto over decisions that have always been left to state legislatures and utility commissions. A majority of states, including Montana, are challenging EPA's… Continue Reading


Sen. Daines: Where to find your next Montana steak? Could be China

If you ever find yourself on the other side of the Pacific homesick for Montana beef, you may soon be able to indulge at a local restaurant or supermarket in China. In a game-changing move, China recently announced that it would end the ban on United States beef imports for the first time since 2003. This long-overdue decision signals a tremendous boon to Montana's economy and a milestone decision in a vigorous campaign. China is the second-largest beef import market in the world. This… Continue Reading


Glasgow Courier: Senator Daines Tours Eastern Montana

Senator Steve Daines made a stop in Glasgow while on his tour of eastern Montana. Glasgow marked the Senator's second stop on a 650 mile long tour that will undertake in three days. After flying into Malta on Oct. 4 to begin his tour, Glasgow was the second stop out of the 15 planned destinations. The Senator took time to address a crowd of 20 local leaders, business owners, ranchers and members of the press at the event hosted by Farm Equipment Sales. The Senator addressed local concerns on i… Continue Reading


KUMV: Sen. Steve Daines on 13-city tour of Eastern Mont. to discuss issues with communities

SIDNEY, MT - A Montana U.S. Senator is traveling more than 600 miles across Eastern Montana to learn about the different issues communities are facing. As the general election nears, the United States Senate is in recess, which allows Senator Steve Daines, (R-Mont.) to hit the road. It's a 13-city tour in just three days, and the mission is simple. "Listening to the concerns of the people here in Eastern Montana," says Daines. Wednesday, Daines was in Montana's Sunrise City. He met with mult… Continue Reading


KBZK: Senate overrides Obama veto for the first time in his presidency

The Senate voted Wednesday afternoon to override President Obama's veto of a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia. Senators Jon Tester, Steve Daines and Congressman Ryan Zinke all voted in favor of overriding Obama's veto of "Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act." Lawmakers overrode the veto in a 97-1 vote. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, was the only lawmaker to oppose the override. The House is expected to vote to override the… Continue Reading


Roll Call: Daines joins Republican senator seeking radical changes to budget process

Senate Republican freshmen have seen enough to know that the way Congress approaches the federal budget is broken. And a prospective fix one of them is unveiling Thursday is nothing short of radical - at least by the standards of the often creaky Senate. Georgia Republican David Perdue is proposing to break down the wall between authorizing and appropriating - a way of doing business that, by design, would upend the 1974 Budget Act. The proposal would merge authorizing committee… Continue Reading


KBZK: Lame Deer center for Indian woman receives $1.2 million to help victims of abuse

U.S. Senator Steve Daines announced Wednesday $1.2 million in funding for the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, Inc. in Lame Deer to address domestic violence and improve safety for Indian women. "I am committed to ensuring American Indian women have access to the resources they need to feel safe in their communities," Daines stated. Paula Julian, Policy Specialist National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, said: "We are honored and humbled to continue to serve as the National Ind… Continue Reading

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