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Day in the life in Washington, D.C., with Sen. Steve Daines

- As Wednesday rounds out the 26th day of the government shutdown, it continued to dominate conversations in Washington, D.C., including ours with Republican Sen. Steve Daines. We had a bright and early start when we shadowed him Wednesday, just as we did with Sen. Jon Tester Tuesday. He took us on a personal tour of the Capitol building and even to the Senate floor, where no cameras are allowed. From there, the Montana Coffee, where Daines was joined by Tester and Rep. Greg Gianforte, a one-s… Continue Reading


Sen. Steve Daines Introduces Bill Withholding Pay From Congressmen During Government Shutdowns, Others Join

Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines introduced a bill on the Senate floor Thursday that would withhold the pay of members of Congress during future government shutdowns. Daines' introduction of the bill, sponsored by Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn, comes hours after Daines announced he sent a letter requesting the secretary of the U.S. Senate withhold his pay during the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government. "Members of Congress are sent to Washington, D.C., to represent the g… Continue Reading


Montana's Sen. Steve Daines lands rare committee appointments, political clout

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines will do something no senator has done in 75 years: serve on both the Senate Finance and Appropriations committees, a move expected to give Montana unusual clout and gird Daines for the 2020 elections. The assignment gives Montana a seat at the table on the committee responsible for prescription drug prices, Medicaid, Medicare, taxes and trade. It also puts Daines on two of the Senate's most powerful "juice committees," which boost a lawmaker's ability to leverage camp… Continue Reading


Park Service Plan Would Fund Maintenance During Government Shutdown

An unprecedented move by the National Park Service could free up millions of dollars for staffing and cleaning-up trash and restrooms at Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks during the partial federal government shutdown. Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt says many of the burdens facing the two iconic parks in Montana as a result of the shutdown should be addressed within the coming days. The agency says it will tap into the entrance fees park visitors pay to cover staffing during the… Continue Reading


Interior Department approves emergency aid for cleaning national parks in Montana

The National Park Service, faced with overflowing garbage and toilets as the government shutdown enters its third week, plans to tap entrance fees to pay for expanded operations at its most popular sites, the Washington Post reported Sunday. The move came as Sen. Steve Daines urged the Park Service to find a way to ease pressure on communities surrounding the parks, which have pitched in with volunteers at popular places like Yellowstone National Park. Daines wrote acting Interior Secret… Continue Reading


President signs Farm Bill

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., released the following statement after President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill on Thursday. Daines secured critical priorities for Montana farmers and ranchers and strong forestry provisions to help prevent catastrophic wildfire. "As Montana's lone voice on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, I fought hard to ensure Montana ag priorities and forest management reforms were included in the 2018 Farm Bill," Daines said. "I'm pleased President Trump signe… Continue Reading


Mineral withdrawal, LWCF miss Senate spending bill; senators say vote will come in January

Despite its failure Wednesday night, Montana's two U.S. senators and conservationists are optimistic about pushing a public lands package through Congress in early January that includes a ban on new public land mining claims north of Yellowstone National Park and renewal of a popular conservation fund. Republican Sen. Steve Daines and Democratic Sen. Jon Tester were part of a group of western lawmakers trying to attach a suite of public lands legislation to the spending bill the Senate pass… Continue Reading


Daines vows to get Land and Water Conservation Act before Congress in early 2019

BILLINGS- Two pieces of key legislation in a massive lands package will not be addressed in Congress before 2018 is up. The bipartisan Land and Water Conservation Fund will not be reauthorized for funding this year and neither will the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act, two bills near and dear to Montanans. According to Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines' office, Congress refused to bring the lands issue to the Senate floor Wednesday night. Daines is a leader on the lands package along wi… Continue Reading


Farm bill praised by Montana delegation

Montana's congressional delegation offered comment Thursday about the farm bill signed by President Donald J. Trump. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., who said he was Montana's lone voice on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, said he ensured Montana agriculture priorities and forest management reforms were included in the bill. "I'm pleased President Trump signed this critical bill into law today - which will give certainty to Montana farmers and ranchers, and help reduce the risk of catastrophi… Continue Reading


Republicans urge Trump to act on Keystone

The MonDak's Republican legislators have joined forces with several other Republican legislators for a full-court press urging President Donald Trump to take whatever immediate actions he can to get construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline moving again. The pipeline's construction ground to a halt in November, after a Montana District Court ruling that found certain portions of the Trump administration's analysis were wanting and that certain aspects of the Environmental Impact Study were o… Continue Reading


Family of missing Blackfeet woman, Ashley HeavyRunner Loring, taking case to Congress

A year and six months after her sister disappeared, Kimberly Loring will tell Congress what went wrong in the search, where law enforcement misstepped and why the nation needs to pay attention. The cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women has become a crisis, she'll say. Ashley HeavyRunner Loring, 20, disappeared in June 2017. Kimberly Loring has been looking for her ever since. Ashley Loring is one of an unknown number of missing Native women and girls. The AP reported that no one know… Continue Reading


Senate passes bill regarding indigenous women

A bill sponsored by U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., to address a terrifyingepidemic passed the Senate last week. The bill to help address the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women epidemic unanimously passed the Senate Thursday night, just a few weeks after the Senate Indian Affairs Committee unanimously voted to send Savanna's Act to the Senate floor." The bill is now on its way to the House before it will reach the president's desk. Roosevelt County Undersheriff, John Summers said… Continue Reading


U.S. Senate unanimously approves bill to place more protections on Native American women

BILLINGS - A congressional measure that has interest in Montana as well as many other western states has cleared a hurdle in the process of becoming a bill, Thursday in the U.S Senate. Savanna's Act secured all unanimous votes, keeping the bill alive and headed for approval in the U.S House of Representatives before heading to the president's desk. Introduced by Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, the measure has secured bipartisan support from Montana's delegation. The bill is named for … Continue Reading


Daines discusses visit to Montana troops in Afghanistan

Sen. Steve Daines said Tuesday that his recent trip to Turkey and Afghanistan reminded him that the "end game" is a political settlement with the Taliban and an Afghan government that can function on its own. However, the situation in the war which is now in it 17th year is complex, Daines said, adding a U.S. withdrawal now would have devastating consequences and put Americans at risk. In a telephone call with reporters, the Montana Republican said he visited troops with the Kalispell-based 49… Continue Reading


Senator visits Kalispell-based troops in Afghanistan

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., visited Kalispell-based National Guard troops in Afghanistan during a whirlwind weekend trip. During a Tuesday conference call with reporters, Daines described the soldiers he met with the 495th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion as "some great Montanans, some great Americans." He said he met most of the troops from the 495th at Bagram Airfield, north of Kabul. But he said he also connected via teleconference with others in the battalion who were spread across Afg… Continue Reading


Great Falls man's tragedy becomes focus for good

Jason Gleason has made something good out of a horrific loss and received national recognition for his work and sacrifice to his community. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., recently honored the 46-year-old Great Falls resident as his "Montanan of the Week" for his work as a nurse practitioner for veterans, for his military service and for his work in stroke prevention. "Montana is incredibly lucky to have a health care professional like Jason Gleason serving our veterans," Daines said Nov. 13, read… Continue Reading


Acting EPA Administrator Wheeler to visit Butte, Anaconda this week

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler will visit Butte and Anaconda this week, Sen. Steve Daines's office announced Monday. Wheeler, named to the post after the resignation of Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned in July, will be the first head of the agency to visit the Butte-Anaconda Superfund complex since Administrator William Reilly came at the behest of Sen. Max Baucus in 1990. Katie Schoettler, Daines's press secretary, said the senator and Wheeler will visit both cities Friday… Continue Reading


Daines: Kavanaugh is Well Qualified

This week, one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees ever nominated to the bench, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, will testify before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Other than sending our sons and daughters to war, confirming a Supreme Court Justice is the most consequential vote I will take as a United States Senator. For Montana, and the rest of the nation, the impacts of this decision will last forever - because while laws come and go, judges serve for a lifetime. That's why it's cri… Continue Reading


KBZK: Acting NPS Director in Bozeman for Lawmakers Gathering

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Acting Director of the National Park Service, P. Daniel Smith, addressed lawmakers from around the country during a roundtable event in Bozeman Friday morning. He stressed the need to fund deferred maintenance projects which currently total more than $11 billion. "You name a park and a state in the west and it's a tremendous part of our deferred maintenance," said Acting Director Smith. He says Yellowstone is over $500 million in deferred maintenance. Projects that have been pu… Continue Reading


E&E Daily: Members convene in Mont. to discuss fires, forests, and parks

Several Western lawmakers are headed to Big Sky Country this weekend to discuss wildfires, conservation and the challenges facing the beleaguered National Park System. Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), the respective chairmen of the Senate and Congressional Western caucuses, will host the group of members, congressional staffers, agency officials and a handful of industry guests in Bozeman, Mont., for a "Summer Western Policy Roundtable." Other confirmed members attend… Continue Reading

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