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Two Veterans Affairs clinics named after Montana veterans

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Two Veterans Affairs clinics will now bear the names of World War II veterans, Benjamin Steele and Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow. The renaming came after legislation authored by U.S. Senator Steve Daines, U.S. Senator Jon Tester, and Congressman Greg Gianforte. "It's so appropriate that we now have a facility that holds the names of Montana war heroes and its going to be a place where veterans can come and get healed," says Congressman Gianforte. "It's such a great made in Monta… Continue Reading


Senate passes bill to name ridge in Paradise Valley

A bill naming a ridge near Emigrant Peak in honor of Air Force pilots who died there has passed the U.S. Senate. The B-47 Ridge Designation Act honors the crew of a bomber that crashed in the summer of 1962, killing the four men on board - Capt. Bill Faulconer, Lt. Fred Hixenbaugh, Lt. David Sutton and Lt. Lloyd Sawyers. The bill would would designate the southwestern arm of Emigrant Peak as B-47 Ridge and allow for placement of a plaque at the crash site where plane debris is still st… Continue Reading


Senator Steve Daines speaks to Sidney High School students

Republican Senator Steve Daines videoconferenced into a Sidney High School classroom full of students on Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 12. The students - from social sciences teacher Brad Faulhaber's class - were eager to ask questions. The first question proposed to the U.S. senator by a student in the class was about changes he'd like to make to the current healthcare system. "We need the cost lowered," Daines said. "That's one issue I hear about more than anything else, is the costs are… Continue Reading


Montana delegation reacts to acquittal vote

Montana's U.S. senators split Wednesday on their votes to remove President Donald Trump from office, with Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester moving to remove the president from office on both of the impeachment articles while Republican Sen. Steve Daines helped keep Trump in office. Neither of the votes came as a a surprise, as both senators made clear their intentions in speeches Tuesday on the Senate floor. The senators also voted with the majority of their parties - all Democrats voted for … Continue Reading


State of the Union reaction from Daines, Gianforte

MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana's Republicans in Congress praised President Donald Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night. --- Here is the statement from Sen. Steve Daines: "Tonight, President Trump sent a clear message to Montanans, and all Americans. The state of our union is strong. "Our economy is booming. "We have the lowest unemployment in over 50 years. Middle class wages are at an all-time high. "We are delivering on our promise of less government and more jobs. "We are on a t… Continue Reading


Montana Senator Steve Daines Speaks On Impeachment Vote

When his turn came to address the U.S. Senate on the issue of President Trump's impeachment, Montana's Steve Daines said he was standing by the President and voting to acquit. He said Montanans are solidly behind the President and have been since he was elected in 2016. "President Trump won in Montana by over 20 points in the 2016 election," said Daines. "Supporting this impeachment means ignoring the voices of Montanans who voted for President Trump in the last election. It also means silenci… Continue Reading


Great Falls company, senators in middle of steel debate

A Great Falls company and Montana's U.S. senators have entered the fray over proposed duties on foreign steel, saying that higher costs could jeopardize expansion plans locally, cost jobs and threaten a $15 million investment. The Department of Commerce recently found that steel from Canada, Mexico, and China is being dumped into the U.S., and would be moving forward with duties, as much as 6.7%, to counter the impact, officials said. ADF International Inc. in Great Falls opposes the proposed … Continue Reading


Central Region FFA Vice President from Montana meets with Senator Daines

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) met with the 2020 National FFA officer team. One member of the team is the Treasure State's very own Maime Hertel of Moore, MT. Hertel was elected at the national level as the Central Region Vice President and currently attends Montana State University. She is also the first woman from Montana to be elected to a national officer position for FFA. The group talked about the importance of Montana agriculture and how Hertel's generation is the future of the ag indust… Continue Reading


Daines issues statement on USMCA signing

MISSOULA, Mont. - President Donald Trump signed a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico on Wednesday. The measure's a reboot of the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA governed trade between the U.S. and our neighbors since 1994. Some 400 guests looked on, including U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, Rep. Greg Gianforte and Montana State Sen. Mike Cuffe from Eureka. In a statement on Wednesday, Sen. Daines stated "Just finished watching President Trump sign the historic US-Mexico-Canada trade agr… Continue Reading


President Trump Signs USMCA Deal; Montana Congressmen in Attendance

President Trump signed the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement into effect on the morning of January 29, with three Montana Congressmen in attendance to applaud the deal. The bipartisan USMCA trade deal has replaced NAFTA as a revised agreement to encourage free and fair trade between the three North American nations. At the signing ceremony on Wednesday morning, US Senator Steve Daines, US House Representative Greg Gianforte, and Montana Senator Mike Cuffe were present to demon… Continue Reading


House resolution proposed against Minor League Baseball contraction

Four members of the House of Representatives introduced a resolution Wednesday urging Major League Baseball not to follow through with its proposal to eliminate 42 current minor league teams. MLB made the proposal last year to the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the governing body of the minors, during negotiations for a Professional Baseball Agreement to replace the deal that expires after the 2020 season. MLB wants to cut short-season leagues and reduce the num… Continue Reading


President signs Daines’ bipartisan PIRATE Act into law

The president on Jan. 24 signed into law a bipartisan bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) in his chamber to increase penalties for pirate radio. "Honored to have gotten this important bipartisan bill signed into law on behalf of Montana local radio and rural broadcasters," Sen. Daines said on Jan. 26. "Thankful to President Trump for taking action to stop illegal pirate radio operations and hold them accountable to the law." Sen. Daines in April 2019 sponsored the Preventing Illeg… Continue Reading


Pai Happy He Has New Tools To Defeat Pirates

Shortly after President Donald Trump signed the Pirate Act into law, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai issued a statement thanking everyone in Washington that supported the new law. Pai said pirate radio is unlawful, period. "These transmissions can interfere with licensed radio signals - including broadcasters' sharing of vital public safety information with their communities. To enforce the law and protect American radio listeners and lawful businesses, the FCC has made a concerted effort in recent years… Continue Reading


Daines intends to introduce bill to reform PATRIOT Act

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) on Jan. 23 said he plans to introduce bipartisan legislation to help protect the privacy of his home-state constituents and all Americans. "Montanans want their privacy protected," Sen. Daines said. "That's why I'm fighting to protect our civil liberties and stop the federal government from interfering in our lives." Sen. Daines intends to introduce the Safeguarding Americans' Private Records Act of 2020 with U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). In the U.S. House, U.S. Rep… Continue Reading


Little Shell celebration packs the house

Hundreds of members of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana gathered Saturday to celebrate recent federal recognition, lining up outside the Holiday Inn and filling the banquet room until it nearly burst at the seams. "Tonight we commemorate an effort that no tribe should have to go through," Tribal Chair Gerald Gray said, adding it is a "nation we can all be proud of." The celebration came about one month after President Donald Trump signed the National Defense Authorization … Continue Reading


The FISA court has taken steps to correct the Carter Page abuses. But more reform is needed.

THE SHOCK waves continue to reverberate from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's Dec. 9 report on major flaws in the federal government's secret surveillance of former Trump campaign official Carter Page. Mr. Horowitz found that FBI officials repeatedly misled or misinformed judges of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to obtain its permission for the surveillance of Mr. Page. Now the FISC has revealed that the Justice Department itself has acknowledged it had… Continue Reading


Daines criticizes impeachment trial, says case 'incomplete'

Sen. Steve Daines on Wednesday criticized the impeachment proceedings now under in the Senate against fellow Republican President Donald Trump, saying it was the most partisan impeachment proceeding in the country's history. "It reminded me of when I went to high school in Bozeman, Montana. If I turned in a term paper and it was half complete, my teacher would toss it back to me and say 'You didn't get it done, it's incomplete,'" the Montana Republican said during remarks shown on CSPAN2. "That… Continue Reading


Daines – Tester Release Statements as Impeachment Trial Begins

Montana Senator Steve Daines released the following comment after the first day of the ongoing impeachment process. "I voted to ensure we have a fair impeachment trial of President Trump in the U.S. Senate, one that respects due process, allows arguments from both sides, and gives President Trump the opportunity to defend himself." Danies' office said the McConnell Resolution, which passed the U.S. Senate (and is the guideline the Senate will follow moving forward), gives both the House Manage… Continue Reading


Daines at Supreme Court to support plaintiffs in case against state

Sen. Steve Daines said he went to the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday to support plaintiffs in the Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue case, in which the state is being sued by parents over a prohibition from using public funds for religious schools. "I am standing in front of the United States Supreme Court about ready to go inside to hear oral arguments about a case very relevant to the state of Montana," Daines said in a video his office posted. "This is the Espinoza v. Montana Departm… Continue Reading


Montana school-aid case sparks national battle before U.S. Supreme Court

HELENA - A Montana case that's become a politically charged battle over public aid to church-affiliated schools is before the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday, as school-choice advocates ask the court to strike down Montana's constitutional ban on the aid. The case pits a trio of Kalispell parents whose children go to Stillwater Christian School against Montana and its constitution - but the decision clearly has national ramifications. More than 50 groups and individuals have filed "friend of the … Continue Reading

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