Supporting Our Troops

Since taking the oath of office, I’ve work tirelessly to ensure that veterans and military families receive the services and benefits that they deserve. The best way to serve our veteran and military communities is to hire those who have been in their shoes. I’ve hired six Montana veterans to serve our state’s veterans, service members and military families.

The men and women of Malmstrom and Montana’s reserve components perform vital missions and are a core part of Montana’s communities. I’ve been fighting to defend Montana’s mission at Malmstrom Air Force Base, which is critical to our national security. I’ve also been fighting to protect and ensure the modernization of Montana Air National Guard’s C-130 fleet. Montana’s veterans and service members are the greatest examples of why America is the greatest country on earth and why our freedoms and liberties are worth defending. The Montana military community is a strong and powerful family and together we will preserve that tradition for generations to come.