Communications, Technology, and Innovation

The ever-changing growth of technology continues to enhance how we communicate with one another and we must ensure that Americans’ are protected each and every step of the way. At the same time, we must stand united against Washington, D.C.’s attempts to tax the Internet, limit innovation, and put more senseless regulations on Montana-based small businesses.


The Internet is a laboratory of innovation for Montana small businesses – yet Washington, D.C. wants to tie our entrepreneurs’ hands by forcing them to collect internet sales taxes for 9600 different tax jurisdictions, rather than focusing their time and energy on growing their business and creating jobs.

Technology has removed geography as a constraint and has allowed us to grow more good-paying jobs that allow Montanans to stay in the state we love. Yet we must not forget about our rural and underserved communities in Montana. While we continue to innovate, we must work to ensure that all Montanans have access to that technology, by increasing their access to rural broadband.