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Helena Independent Record: Montana energy jobs under assault

Made-in-Montana energy means good Montana jobs that on average pay two to three times more than the state average. Montana’s ability to create more good-paying energy jobs is immense — in fact, our state leads the nation in coal deposits. We are the nation’s fifth-largest producer of hydropower, with 23 hydroelectric dams across our state, and fifth in wind energy potential. Montana is at the center stage of the national energy debate and provides the nation a template of a true all-of-the-above energy portfolio — we have coal, natural gas and oil, as well as renewables such as hydro, wind,

Sen. Daines: We Need Innovation, Not Regulation

The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) just released a study that confirms what many of us feared – President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is a job killer poised to be the “most significant economic event to occur in Montana in more than 30 years.” The full impact of President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency will be felt the hardest by those who can least afford it – Montana families and small business owners. Families will see a $500 million loss in annual income, and communities will go without $145 million per year in revenue that would

Char-Koosta News: Veteran’s stories belong in Library of Congress

One out of every 10 Montanans is a veteran, which makes Montana home to more veterans per capita than almost any other state in the nation. It is one of my greatest honors to serve Montana’s veterans in Congress. Every one of these men and women have an incredible story to tell from their service – stories that are also part of our nation’s history and our heritage.  That’s why the Veteran’s History Project is so important. My team in Montana is helping to spread awareness of the American Folklife Center’s Veteran’s History Project across the state in a big

Iran Deal Lacks in Transparency, Accountability

If Iran’s ultimate goal is to obtain a nuclear weapon, the deal reached by the Obama administration sets Iran on a course to do so.   From the time this deal is agreed to, Iran has ten years to fill their coffers with tens of billions of dollars from newly unsanctioned oil sales and pursue the research and development of nuclear capabilities.   As the world’s leader of state-sponsored terrorism, it will only be a matter of time before Iran achieves its ultimate goal: obtaining a nuclear weapon.   These are bipartisan concerns.   Top Democrat leaders from both the

Forest reform needed to protect Montana communities

Montana’s National Forests and public lands have been a treasured part of our state’s heritage for generations. Growing up in Bozeman, I spent weekends hunting in the Bridgers, backpacking in the Beartooths and fishing the rivers and streams of southwest Montana. Cindy and I were engaged on a 10,000-foot summit in the Gallatin National Forest. The love of the outdoors is a tradition that I, like many Montanans, have been thankful to pass along to my kids. While Montanans recognize the importance of our public lands, memories alone won’t protect these precious resources for future generations. We must work together