Daines: “Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Senate Democrats Have Failed America”

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference slamming President Biden and Senate Democrats for rampant inflation, an open southern border that welcomes known terrorists and criminals onto American soil and for projecting weakness on the world stage and emboldening our enemies abroad.

Watch Daines’ remarks HERE.

“Joe Biden Kamala Harris and Senate Democrats have failed America. Don’t ask us, ask the American people.

“Remember when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office inflation was under control, the economy was strong thanks to Trump tax cuts and there were fewer government regulations. 

“Since Biden took over, the Senate Democrats were able to control this chamber. “They’ve passed nearly $3 trillion in spending. They’ve also given us the highest inflation in 40 years. Now Montanans tell me they can’t afford the basics— food, gas housing.

“The border was secure when Biden and Harris took office, but they reversed Trump policies. And now we see terrorists, we see criminals, we see murderers coming across the border, and literally murdering young women in our country.

“Now remember, Vice President Harris was appointed the ‘border czar.’ Whatever happened to that? Where has she been? 10 million illegal crossings later, there’s been nothing done to end this crisis, only have made matters worse.

“On foreign policy, instead of projecting strength, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have projected weakness, a very dangerous moment in our nation’s history. Enemies are emboldened. Our allies don’t think we’ll back them up. And Senate Democrats did nothing to stop these dangerous and disastrous policies from the Biden-Harris administration.

“By the way, the Democrats don’t have a personnel problem on the ticket. They have a policy problem. The policies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Senate Democrats have failed our country. And I’m confident the American people will right this ship in less than four months.”