Daines: “Stroke of Genius” by Trump to Eliminate Taxes on Tips

Joins Fox Business to Announce Introduction of Bill to Stop Taxing Tips, Slam Biden’s Border Crisis

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today joined Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to discuss his bill to eliminate taxes on tips and President Biden’s border crisis.

Watch the interview HERE.

Daines on His Bill to Stop Taxing Tips:

It’s a stroke of genius by President Trump and it shows the American people how in touch he is with the challenges of the working class in our great country. This is an idea that came to President Trump from a waitress. She said, “why are they taxing my tips?” So, I plan to introduce the bill in the United States Senate. I’m part of the Finance Committee, member of that committee. We have jurisdiction over taxation. I’ll be introducing this bill that would eliminate federal taxes on tips. You think about the importance of this bill, the importance of this idea, because the working class have been hit hard with Biden’s inflation. Inflation is up over 20 percent since he took office. It just makes sense that if you think tips may be about 20 percent, why not make that tax-free as a way we can help the working class offset the damage of this Biden economy.

Daines on Economic Impact of His Bill:

First and foremost, what it does is it incentivizes people to get back to work in the economy, which generates taxable revenue. When more people are working, you actually pay more taxes overall, because you’re employed. As is always the thought when you cut taxes, as we saw what happened with the Trump tax cuts of ’17. The Left screams about it, look at the results. Tax revenues actually increased, both corporate taxes and pass-through taxes as a result of these tax cuts. And so, part of the challenge we’ll face as we go into this next Congress once President Trump’s elected is we need to make these tax cuts permanent. The Wall Street Journal called this the $6 trillion election. If President Biden is re -elected, if we don’t control the United States Senate as Republicans, there’s a $4 trillion tax increase coming in 2026 with the expiration of the Trump tax cuts, plus another $2 trillion of additional taxes that Democrats want to impose on this economy. It would be devastating. And we’ll be looking for offsets on the spending side to make these tax cuts permanent.

When you move the American people from being dependent on the federal government to being employed, that creates taxable revenue. By actually lowering taxes you get more people working and they start paying taxes. That is the genius behind what President Trump has proposed and it’s something that’s striking a chord. You’re seeing people all over the country now when the waiter or waitress brings a bill they’re saying “vote for Trump! No taxes on tips!” This is a great move on behalf of President Trump and again it shows how in touch he is with the challenge of working class.

Daines on Biden’s Mass Amnesty Proposal Amidst the Southern Border Crisis:

This is a mass amnesty bill. This is a recruiting tool now for the cartels because the cartels can tell folks, “Hey come to America and Joe Biden is going to give you citizenship.” This is no coincidence it’s four and a half months away from the election. The democrats are scared to death of the fact they’ve seen Hispanics now move twenty-one points in President Trump’s direction since 2020. They think this somehow will help them with the votes. Here’s the problem. Hispanic voters want to make sure that we are a nation of law and order. You come in the right way. Hispanic voters don’t want to see this massive amnesty bill. And furthermore, as you mentioned, Maria…the Joint Terrorism Tax Force, they arrested eight Tajikistan terrorists who have been radicalized by ISIS Khorasan in Los Angeles, in New York, and Philadelphia. These were Tajiks that were planning to inflict terror attacks on our soil. Look, we have sleeper cells in our country as we speak. This is a result of some 10 million illegals that have come across the southern border. Those Tajiks came across the southern border. This is far more than an immigration debate. This is about national security and protecting the homeland.