Daines Blasts Biden Administration Open Border Policies for Allowing Violent Criminals into Country

“This is Joe Biden’s America and it’s Joe Biden’s border crisis”

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference blasting President Biden and Senate Democrats for the southern border crisis that is allowing violent criminals to come into our country illegal and commit violent crimes against Americans.

Watch Daines’ remarks HERE.

“‘More fair, and more just.’ That’s what Joe Biden called his immigration policies that he started rolling out today.

“But today I ask, ‘Where is fairness and justice for Rachel Morin?’

She was the Maryland mom who was raped and killed by Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez. Hernandez wasn’t just any street thug. He committed murder in El Salvador. He then came across our southern border illegally. A few weeks later, he committed a home invasion in Los Angeles. And then a few months after that, he murdered and raped Rachel Morin, a mom of five, while she was out walking on a trail in Maryland, eerily similar to Laken Riley’s murder in February.

“Laken Riley was a nursing student in Georgia who was murdered while out on a run by another illegal who was just freely roaming our streets.

“Sadly, this is Joe Biden’s America and it’s Joe Biden’s border crisis. We have terrorists, we have violent criminals coming across the southern border who are raping and murdering Americans. Where is the justice for Rachel Morin? Where is the justice for Laken Riley?

“The American people are going to right this wrong by holding Joe Biden and Senate Democrats accountable in November.”