Daines: “There is Nothing Shameful About Displaying a Logo Depicting Blackfeet Chief Two Guns White Calf”

Blasts D.C.-Area TV Station for Censoring Former Redskins Logo

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today sent a letter to Fox 5 WTTG, a local D.C.-area station, echoing Ryan Wetzel’s concerns with a recent segment that blurred the image of the former Redskins logo that depicts Blackfeet Chief Two Guns White Calf and demanded answers on why WTTG censored the logo and who made the decision to do so.

“In the interview in which District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser advocated for the Washington Commanders to return to the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Stadium site, Fox 5 played historical clips featuring Redskins games and crowds from an era when the franchise was among the most prestigious in the National Football League. Fox 5 also showed a photograph from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing where I highlighted the rich Montana history behind the logo and the pride and heritage it holds in Indian Country. 

“Strangely, Fox 5 chose to blur and censor any depiction of the logo in each of these clips, insinuating the depiction of Chief Two Guns White Calf as reflected on the helmet is akin to obscene content,” wrote Daines.

Daines continued, “As Mr. Wetzel made clear in his statement, the former logo is a symbol of pride, strength, and honor, and it is inconceivable what Fox 5 believes an audience might find offensive about the depiction of a legendary Native American chief. Further, I strongly believe any franchise or organization should be honored to be associated with the patriotism and pride of Native Americans, a demographic that serves in the United States Armed Forces at a rate higher than all others. I find it appalling that Fox 5 apparently feels differently, and I believe the Wetzel family and other Native Americans across the country are owed an explanation.”

Read Daines’ full letter HERE

Ryan Wetzel sent the below statement to the station expressing his concerns and disappointment in this decision.

“It came to my attention that you chose to blur out the Blackfeet logo in a recent news story. That was very insulting. The logo depicting a Blackfeet Warrior was inspired by my late grandfather Tribal Leader Blackie Wetzel and a source of pride for my family and the Native American community.” –– Ryan Wetzel

Senator Daines spoke at a Senate hearing about the history and importance of this logo. Daines is demanding that the Washington Commanders football team and the National Football League (NFL) work with the Wetzel family to honor this legacy and Native American communities before he can support the bill that would allow the franchise to move back to the District.