Daines Celebrates Passage of Resolution Calling for Marc Fogel’s Safe Return

U.S. Senator Steve Daines announced the passage of his resolution this week calling for the immediate release of Marc Fogel, a United States citizen and teacher, who has been wrongfully detained in Russia since August 2021 and given an unjust and disproportionate criminal sentence.

“Every important milestone in Marc Fogel’s life since August of 2021 has been spent away from his friends and family in a Russian prison. I’m glad to see my resolution calling on the Biden administration to do everything it can to bring Marc home pass the U.S. Senate. We will keep fighting until he is reunited with his loved ones,” said Daines.

“I am so very thankful to Senator Daines for working to bring my son home.  Marc Fogelis a wonderful son and a great teacher who has taught so many young Americans around the world.  It is my greatest wish to see him again.  I am so concerned about Marc’s wellbeing and health.  Please ask President Biden to say Marc Fogel’s name and give him the same treatment and attention that he gave Brittney Griner. Thank you, Senator Daines for meeting with me, my daughter Anne, grandson Sam, nephew Cy and supporting my son,” said Malphine Fogel, 95-year-old mother of Marc Fogel from Butler, Pennsylvania.

“I want to thank Senator Daines and his colleagues for leading the efforts in passing Senate Concurrent Resolution 18 which calls for the immediate release of my brother Marc Fogel from prison in Russia.  My brother was detained before Brittney Griner under parallel circumstances.  It is now coming up on three years in which he has been left behind.  He is in fragile health, and we need him home—my 95-year-old-mother from Butler, Pennsylvania needs him home,” said Anne Fogel, sister of Marc Fogel from Missoula.  “Senator Daines has supported our family which includes Marc’s son Sam who lives near me in Bozeman.  We are so appreciative.  It is imperative that President Biden designate Marc Fogel as wrongfully detained, as he did Brittney Griner, and prioritize him in the next prisoner swap with Russia.  Thank you, Senator Daines for not forgetting Marc.  Please continue pushing the Biden administration, your colleagues, and any others who can help,” said Anne Fogel, Marc’s sister.

“I would like to thank Senator Daines for his continued support of my father, Marc Fogel, and the entire Fogel family.  Senator Daines has gone above and beyond to understand the person my father is, the type of teacher he was, and how important he is to many.  It is why my father must be designated as wrongfully detained and brought home with Evan Gershkovich.  On behalf of my family, thank you Senator Daines for remaining committed to doing the right thing for my dad,” said Sam Fogel, Marc’s son.


Senator Daines introduced the bipartisan resolution demanding Russia release wrongfully detained Marc Fogel in July 2023. Read the full text of the bill HERE.

Senator Daines sent a letter with former U.S. ambassador to Russia Mike McFaul to Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling on the State Department to deem Marc Fogel as wrongfully detained and prioritize securing his release from Russia in June 2024. Read the full letter HERE.

Last July, Senator Daines honored Marc Fogel’s 62nd birthday on the Senate floor. Watch the full speech HERE.