Following Visit to George Washington University, Daines Calls on Biden and Senate Democrats to Condemn Antisemitic Extremism

“Welcome to Joe Biden’s World”

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference and called on Joe Biden and Senate Democrats to condemn the antisemitic extremism occurring on college campuses across the country following his visit yesterday to George Washington University’s protest encampment.

Watch Daines’ remarks HERE.

“Yesterday morning, I left the beauty of Montana, Big Sky Country, and flew back to Washington, D.C., where I saw the ugliness of what’s going on at the GW campus.

“What I saw yesterday was reprehensible. A statue of George Washington was covered with stickers that say, ‘Free Palestine,’ he’s carrying a Palestinian flag, also wrapped around his neck and his head is covered and wrapped in a keffiyeh.

“There was a white board there, by the way, this picture was taken by members of my team who accompanied me to the GW campus, there was a whiteboard that said, ‘these are our rules:’ Number one, in great big block letters said, ‘No Zionism.’

“While I was there, I also met a rabbi and met with Jewish students who also told me they were afraid to be on their campus. Let me be very clear: antisemitism has no place in our country. But welcome to Joe Biden’s world.

“And look what happened just last night. While most of us were asleep, protesters surrounded the president of GW’s house and called for campus administrators to be beheaded. 

“Then finally, this morning, Mayor Bowser mobilized Metro PD to clear the encampment at GW.

“But this is just one campus. There are still vile protests occurring across our country. Our nation is in desperate need of moral clarity. These elite universities, they promote diversity and inclusion as long as it includes hating Jews.

“Everybody has first amendment rights, to free speech, to protest, but they do not have the right to demonstrate such hate and violence that Jewish students feel unsafe. We must collectively condemn all forms of hate wherever it shows up. And President Biden and Senate Democrats must join my Republican colleagues in standing firm with the Jewish community, including looking at ways we remove the federal funding of these universities that don’t act to protect these Jewish students.”