Daines Visits George Washington University’s Anti-Israel Encampment, Voices Support for Jewish Students

“This is Joe Biden’s America”

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today visited George Washington University where radical, anti-Israel protestors have set up an illegal encampment. Daines then met with Jewish students to voice his support for them and condemn the acts of hatred that have exploded across the country. Daines also met with Rabbi Yudi Steiner of Rohr Chabad Center at George Washington University.

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“Antisemitism has no place in America, and I stand unequivocally with Jewish people from across our country and around the world. Jewish students at George Washington University told me they are afraid for their lives, scared and don’t feel wanted. This angers me to my core.   

“If Joe Biden really cared more about Jewish students than delivering muddled messages to his political base, he would call Mayor Bowser immediately and tell her to shut down the encampment at GW as the university president requested. 

“In Biden’s America, radical far Left protestors have felt emboldened to unleash chaos and spew hatred. My visit to the GW encampment reinforced why I feel our country must change course.”