Daines Blasts Biden Administration for Climate-Driven Land Use Rule

“Nothing is Safe from the Biden Administration’s Climate Agenda”

U.S. Senator Steve Daines blasted the Biden administration’s new Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rule today, which violates the statutory multiple use requirements on federal lands, effectively making them unusable and hurting Montana farmers and ranchers.  

“Nothing is safe from the Biden administration’s climate agenda. First they came for our gas stoves then they told us they wanted us to drive electric cars and semis and now they are taking grazing land from Montana farmers and ranchersand it’s all in the name of climate change. Despite the Administration’s claim, this rule is anything but balanced. It violates the ‘multiple-use mandate’ for public lands and is yet another heavy-handed, egregious attempt to force Montanans off public lands to comply with its climate fantasy since it can’t pass it through Congress,” said Daines.

Senator Daines previously sent a letter expressing concerns about the proposed rule HERE.

Senator Daines also sent a letter asking questions about the impact on small businesses that rely on our federal lands for their livelihoods HERE.