Daines Statement on Iran’s Unprecedented Direct Attack Against Israel

U.S. Senator Steve Daines issued the following statement today regarding Iran’s unprecedented direct attack against Israel:

“I condemn Iran’s unprecedented direct attack against Israel in the strongest possible terms. I also thank our brave men and women who helped defend Israel and our security priorities. 

“President Biden has done nothing but project weakness against the Iranian regime since he took office, starting with reversing President Trump’s policy of maximum pressure on Iran, attempting to pay the Iranian regime $6 billion in a prisoner swap and recently allowing the UN sanctions on Iran’s drones and ballistic missiles to expire. These are the same drones and missiles fired on our ally Israel. Iran also continues to fund Hamas, which continues to hold hostages, including five Americans, from its October 7 attack. 

“It is past time for the Biden administration and Senate Democrats to reverse course. We must stand with our ally Israel and do everything in our power to stop Iran’s robust support for deadly terrorist groups and its horrifying pursuit of nuclear weapons.”