Daines: “Under Joe Biden, the State of Our Union is Dire”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference slamming President Biden’s failed leadership ahead of the State of the Union address.

Watch Daines’ remarks HERE.

“We don’t need an hour and a half long speech tomorrow night to know what the State of the Union is. Ask the American people. ABC reported 76 percent of the American people believe the country is on the wrong track. Because of Joe Biden’s failed leadership, the state of the Union right now is chaos, as is the state of the world.

“Under Joe Biden, our southern border is wide open. And the latest news that just has come out in the last 48 hours is absurd. On top of the record number of illegal immigrants coming across the border, we’ve now found out the Biden administration was secretly transporting over 300,000 illegal migrants on planes to 43 different cities. You can see the story right here. It talks about it. Meanwhile, we’ve got a record number of illegal immigrants on the FBI terror watch list who are entering our country.

“And this is additional news that came out that the President and the ‘Czar of the Border,’ the Vice President, never even spoke with the Chief of Border Patrol Raul Ortiz.

“Many of us who have visited the southern border have spoken with Chief Ortiz. I met with him in 2019. He’s a devoted public servant dedicated to protecting our country. 

“So Thursday night, when Joe Biden tries to tell America that he’s serious about the border, all I gotta say is, ‘Come on man!’ 

“Because under Joe Biden, American families can barely afford to keep food on the table, gas tanks full, prices are up 18 percent since he took office, wasteful spending continues, and sadly, under Joe Biden’s weaknesses, our enemies are emboldened and the world’s less safe.

“Look back on that horrible Afghanistan withdrawal. Look at that embarrassing Chinese spy balloon that came right over my state of Montana over our ICBM silos. Look at the war in Ukraine and the war in the Middle East. Under Joe Biden, the state of our union is dire, and no amount of sugarcoating he’ll try tomorrow night can convince the American people otherwise.”