Daines: Joe Biden Made Everything Worse

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference highlighting President Biden’s failures on the southern border, economy and national security since taking office.

Watch Daines’ remarks HERE.

“We weren’t here on Groundhog Day, but I was having some Jimmy Carter flashbacks on Groundhog Day because you start looking at the numbers… Joe Biden’s approval numbers are now the worst of any president, even Jimmy Carter. In fact, you have to go back 75 years to find a president with lower approval numbers.

“NBC had him at 37 percent this past week. Gallup at 39 percent. You step back and look at why. Why have the American people weighed in on this presidency in a very significant way, giving him the lowest marks of any president this time, this Administration, in 75 years?

“Look, President Biden inherited a secure border. The numbers, as was pointed out earlier, were in pretty good shape. He made it worse on Day One. This is cause and effect. It wasn’t like he inherited a crisis on the southern border. He inherited numbers that were some of the lowest we’d seen in many, many years. He made it worse by reversing policies that President Trump put in place. Streaming illegals coming across, of course, the terror threat to our country.  We’ve talked about it here almost every week.

“He inherited record job growth, record job increases, record wage increases. He made it worse, working with Senate Democrats, unleashing a massive $1.9 trillion stimulus bill in early ’23 at a time when we knew darn well this was going to create problems for this economy.

“He inherited a Middle East that was pretty quiet. Thanks in large part to President Trump and the Abraham Accords, which have kind of been forgotten about. He’s made it worse with his disastrous Afghanistan pullout, the spy balloon fiasco and projecting American weakness. The result, tragically, we had dead Americans in Afghanistan and most recently an Iranian drone strike that killed three.

“Let’s be clear, President Biden, not up to the job. Our Senate Democrats have been complicit in that regard, but the American people are smart. They recognize incompetency when they see it, hence Biden leading the race to the bottom on approval ratings.”