Daines Opposes Senate Border Bill

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines issued the following statement today opposing the Senate’s emergency supplemental funding bill:

“President Biden could have secured the border on Day One of his presidency and chose not to and the disastrous results speak for themselves. Reversing the effective policies of President Trump turned the southern border into one of the biggest national security risks in our country’s history with illegals streaming across who are on the FBI’s terror watch list as well as from countries that are designated as state sponsors of terror.   

“Fixing this crisis demands more than the ‘border never closes’ policy that was negotiated. This bill also provides no guarantee that the president will enforce existing law, let alone new ones. 

 “Finally, with House Republicans united in opposition to this bill it makes no sense to even bring it up in the Senate. For all of these reasons I will vote no when the bill is brought to the Senate floor this week.”