Daines on Fox Business: Biden’s Border Crisis is the Biggest National Security Threat Facing America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today joined Fox Business’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast to discuss President Biden’s border crisis. 

Watch the interview HERE.

Daines on Biden’s Anti-Border Security Policies:

I think, as you just mentioned, it’s the number one issue for voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. According to a Harvard poll that just came out, it’s the number one issue for voters across our entire country. This is a Joe Biden-created crisis, and it’s just jaw-dropping to see what’s happening. Within hours after President Biden was sworn in, he signed an executive order stopping the wall that President Trump was building, and then we saw his own Department of Homeland Security, Biden’s, go after the governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, and they’ve now stopped the wire, the razor wire, that the governor put up to protect the people in Texas and the people of America here over there at Eagle Pass. And so, the Department of Homeland Security could be called the Department of Homeland Insecurity. I don’t know whose side they’re on. They’re not on the side of the American people. But look, this is about enforcing existing laws. Joe Biden can secure the southern border if he enforces existing laws just as we saw President Trump do when he was our president. As far as the deal goes here in the Senate, we haven’t seen bill text yet. We’ve got to see that before we can really digest and make sure the actions taken by the Senate will actually solve the crisis we’re seeing on the southern border. Until that point, we don’t know what we’re even voting on.

It is a biggest issue right now. It is the biggest issue in our country and for good reason. Eight million illegals have come across our southern border. We’re seeing those on FBI terror watchlist coming into our country.

Look, we need to put policies in place and enforce policies to secure the southern border. The concern for many of us is, will Joe Biden actually enforce a law? He’s lawless at the moment. He is using the executive branch to usurp the powers of Congress, and he’s using that to his advantage to keep this border wide open. So, the concerns many of us have is would Joe Biden even enforce something that the United States Senate and House would pass? But first we got to see the bill, Neil. We haven’t seen that yet. To make sure that if we pass it, it would actually solve the problem. This is our biggest national security threat in the nation. It is the out-of-control southern border. It’s right in Joe Biden’s lap.

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