Daines Statement on Report that Chinese Spy Balloon Used American Internet Service Provider to Communicate

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines issued the following statement today in response to an NBC report that the Chinese spy balloon used an American internet service provider to communicate:

“This is outrageous. First the Biden Administration let the Chinese spy balloon float over America unabated hoping the American people wouldn’t notice and now we find out it used American communications infrastructure as a basis for its operational capabilities. The Chinese Communist Party must love the Biden administration’s feckless approach to foreign policy.

“It is far past time the administration leveled with the American people about what and how much American-made equipment and services China used to spy on our country.

“I will continue to fight for Montana and call for a full briefing on these matters. Congress needs to use every means necessary to hold the administration accountable.”

Daines was the first member of Congress to demand answers from the Biden administration following the first sightings of the Chinese spy balloon and has been the leading voice in the Senate working to hold the administration accountable since. See more of Daines’ work on investigating the Chinese spy balloon HERE.