Daines Statement on Report that Biden Administration Intended to Keep Chinese Spy Balloon Secret

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines released the following statement today regarding a report from NBC News that the Biden administration intended to keep the Chinese spy balloon secret and not tell Congress or the American people.

The Biden administration’s foreign policy failures continue to get worse. As if it wasn’t enough that the Chinese spy balloon flew over Montana’s nuclear missile fields unabated, now we find out from NBC News that the administration intended to hide it from Congress and the public I’m not sure which is worse: letting a spy balloon fly across the country or thinking the American people may not notice.

“Thanks to our own Montana media, especially Larry Mayer who took the initial photographs, the American people became aware China was spying on us in plain sight.

“This recent report raises more questions about the administration’s handling of yet another national security situation and the effort to cover up this incident is unacceptable. It is imperative that Congress get to the bottom of what happened, so it doesn’t happen again, and the administration needs to fulfill my request for a report on U.S. technology used aboard the spy balloon and present the findings to Congress and the American people.

“What started with a debacle of a withdrawal from Afghanistan has cascaded into national security failure after failure. It needs to stop,”Daines said.

Daines was the first member of Congress to demand answers from the Biden administration following the first sightings of the Chinese spy balloon and has been the leading voice in the Senate working to hold the administration accountable since. See more of Daines’ work on investigating the Chinese spy balloon HERE.