Daines Doubles Down on Opposition to Biden Administration’s Attempts to Breach Snake River Dams

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines released the following statement after the Biden administration’s Columbia River Basin announcement to explore ways to replace the power, transportation and agriculture assets in preparation for potential breaching of the Snake River dams.

“Congress has the authority to remove dams—not Washington bureaucrats, radical judges or the Biden administration,” Daines said. “The Snake River dams support Montana agriculture, provide a source of clean, reliable energy, help support recreation activities and provide critical transportation. This agreement reached behind closed doors leaves out the Montanans who rely on these dams and is a desperate attempt to appease fringe environmental groups. I remain firmly opposed to breaching the Snake River dams and will continue to stand up to those who ignore the law in order to pursue their radical climate agenda.”

Daines is pushing back on the Biden administration’s attempts to breach these dams and spoke at a press conference condemning this radical agenda.

Last month, Daines sent a letter to President Biden regarding severe concerns over the administration’s efforts to breach the lower Snake River dams.

This summer, Daines also urged the Biden administration to join him in continuing to advocate for the preservation of the lower Snake River dams.