Daines on Fox News’s America Reports: “President Biden is Weak and it Emboldens the Chinese, the Iranians and the Russians”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today joined Fox New’s America Reports to discuss the ongoing fight against terrorism in Israel and Daines’ first-hand experience in the Hezbollah terror tunnels. He also discussed President Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping and called out the President for his weakness on the world stage.

Watch the interview HERE.

Daines on Terror Tunnels

You take a look at Hamas and the tunnels in Gaza, I’ve seen those before several years ago. What’s not being talked enough about are the tunnels dug by Hezbollah – another Iranian terror group. These are right near the Lebanon border; these are 80 feet in the ground that I descended. That’s a video that I shot at my own phone, John. And on the side of the tunnel dug by hand. spray painted on it in Arabic says, “On our way to Jerusalem.” 

The plan was that thousands of Hezbollah terrorists flooding through these tunnels into Israel for another targeted terror attack, again, sponsored by Iran. The concern we have is going off this conflict in Israel is if this expands to the northern border, to the border with Lebanon. Hezbollah is a much more sophisticated adversary than Hamas. They have 130,000 rockets and missiles pointed at Israel embedded in hospitals in Mosques, in schools because of course they use human shields. They don’t care about life, John. They care about destroying Israel.

Daines on a Ceasefire

Look, it starts with leadership of the United States of America. We’ve got to have a President standing strongly with Israel. We’ve got to give Israel the space, the time they need to destroy Hamas, because who suffers besides just the Israelites are the are also the Palestinians under Hamas rule. So, we’ve got to give them the time to do what they need to do. Give them the space, push back against world opinion. That starts at the top of the President of the United States and he’s already talking about ceasefire and so forth – that is dangerous. You put a ceasefire in Gaza, that just allows Hamas to regroup reposition and fight back stronger.

Daines on President Biden Ignoring the Crisis at the Southern Border

He should have tapped on the pilot of Air Force one said, “Let’s take a left-hand turn here and go down the southern border.” It’s been almost a year now since President Biden’s been on the southern border. His border Czar, Vice President Harris, hasn’t been down for a year and a half. This is a national security crisis.

He needs to go down to that border as his highest priority. Eight million illegals coming across the border, 1.6 million known got-aways, the terrorists coming across the southern border. That should be his highest priority right now. Instead, he’s out in San Francisco meeting with Xi Jinping, projecting American weakness.

Look who’s at that meeting. I was watching the live clips just here from the last hour. It’s Janet Yellen and John Kerry sitting next to President Biden talking to Xi Jinping. That tells you everything. It’s about their climate agenda. Janet Yellen went over to Beijing here not long ago, kowtowing to the Chinese. One more example of President Biden being weak and it emboldens – it emboldens – the Chinese, the Iranians and the Russians.


Earlier today, Daines sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray today requesting an update on the investigation into how China used U.S. technology on the spy balloon that flew over Montana and the rest of the United States in February. The FBI was tasked with investigating how U.S. technology ended up on the spy balloon but so far has not provided an update to Congress.