Daines on Fox Business’ Kudlow Slams Biden’s Weakness on the World Stage

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business’ Kudlow slamming Biden’s weakness on the world stage as he focuses on appeasement and climate instead of securing the southern border.

Watch the interview HERE.

Daines on Biden’s Skewed Priorities

Larry, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did in the last 24 hours when the Biden administration lifts the sanctions so the Iraqis can buy another $10 billion of Iranian oil. Larry, you can’t make this up. As I was watching what happened today, watching that meeting in San Francisco between Xi and Biden, as he was flying across the country, he should have taken a turn south, gone to the southern border. It’s been about a year since Biden’s been down there, a year and a half since the border Czar Kamala Harris was down there.

If you want to stop the flow of fentanyl in the country, secure the southern border. I mean, this is a national security threat and a terror threat as well. The immigration, illegals coming across the border here and the fentanyl coming across the border. But you look at China, they’re the number one customer for Iran for oil, just as you articulated. They are funding terror around the world. They’re funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah, funding the Houthis.

If I was President Biden woke up this morning, what’s the top of my mind? How do we prevent the conflict with Israel from escalating into a world war? How do we secure the southern border to make sure we’re not attacked by terrorists through our southern border plus discourage fentanyl? Those would be two of my highest priorities.

Instead, he goes out to San Francisco. Look who was in that meeting with Joe Biden. It was John Kerry, his climate Czar, and Janet Yellen who kowtowed in Beijing here a couple of months ago. And you heard Biden’s own remarks. What’s he start off with? Climate change.