Daines Sounds Alarm on Possible Terror Threats in the U.S.

“Think what’s happened in the Middle East can’t happen here? Think again.”

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference where he highlighted the increased risk of terror attacks on U.S. soil partly due to the wide-open southern border that has seen a spike in illegal crossings from countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism.

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“The idea of a potential terror attack occurring in the United States is no longer just a what if — it is a when. With a war in the Middle East emboldening violent extremists and a wide-open southern border, we are more and more vulnerable for attacks on our soil right here at home.

“New numbers just released from October from the southern border show that 1,300 people entered the United States from Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, all classified as sponsors for terror. That’s an increase from 1,000 in September. In New York, authorities just two weeks ago arrested a man from Senegal who illegally crossed our southern border and is wanted for supporting terrorism. Biden’s open border policies allowed him to cross into our country, be processed and then released into our country. Thank God for our law enforcement who caught him and preempted this terror attack. 

“And listen to this, just on Friday, a Jordanian man with a Palestinian passport was detained on gun charges as a grave danger after talking martyrdom with others. This was reported just three days ago in USA Today. This individual was training with weapons and learning how to make explosives. And according to the charges from the judge, this was more than just talk. He was in contact with others who also share a radical mindset.

“Think what’s happened in the Middle East can’t happen right here? Think again. Enough is enough. Biden needs to protect our homeland. He needs to protect us on our southern border.”

To see more of Daines’ work to secure the southern border, click HERE.