Daines Calls for Change of Border Policies

“This is a national security crisis in the making”

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference demanding President Biden change the policies at the southern border, following new warnings that Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists may be trying to cross the southern border.

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“The State Department has designated the following four countries as state sponsors of terror –  Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria. Since October 1st, hundreds of individuals from these four countries alone have entered the United States that we know of. In September, it was more than 1,000 that were encountered by border patrol from those four countries labeled as state sponsors of terror by our country.

“A memo from the San Diego Border Patrol intelligence division just this past Friday warned of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists crossing the border. Here’s the warning that went out Friday. ‘Foreign fighters of Israel -Hamas conflict may potentially be encountered at the southwest border.’ And as Senator Capito just mentioned as well as Senator Ernst, we’re seeing record – all -time record – level of encounters in the month of September, which finishes up the fiscal year setting an all -time record for any fiscal year for encounters by Border Patrol under Joe Biden. And that doesn’t even include the 1 .6 million known got-aways, as well as how many unknown got-aways- don’t even have a number for that. 

“Where are the people from these hotbeds of terror? The administration does not know. It is only a matter of time before something happens in our country in terms of a terror attack on our soil. This is no longer just an immigration issue. This is a national security crisis in the making.

“Not only is he shattering previous records in this administration, but showing a chilling trend that potential terror threats are using Biden’s open border as an opportunity to flood our country. And look, that supplemental the Biden administration proposed up here is a joke. It is not about throwing more money at the border. We’ve got to slow the flow. It’s about changing the policies.

“They don’t need a lot more money on the southern border. They need to change the policies to remove the incentives to come across our southern border. Joe Biden and Senate Democrats need to get serious about the safety of our country, our national security and secure the southern border before it’s too late.”

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