Daines Slams Biden for Funding World’s Leading Sponsor of Terror

“Biden’s ransom payment made to the Iranians shows you what his true colors are”

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today slammed President Biden for paying Iran $6 billion and called on the administration to immediately freeze these funds amidst terror attacks by Hamas on Israel.

Watch Daines’ remarks HERE.

“Six weeks ago, I was in Jerusalem meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. I was probably the last Senator to have met with the Prime Minister prior to the attacks of October 7th from Hamas.

“While I was on that visit, I went up to the border with Lebanon to see the Hezbollah terror tunnels. Many of us saw the Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza over the years, but the Hezbollah terror tunnels were dug over the course of several years, inside those tunnels spray painted ‘on our way to Jerusalem’. They’ve been planning an attack for many, many years. The Israelis discovered them and stopped it. But when I met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the most important topic we discussed, the first topic we discussed, was Iran. It was Iran backing up Hamas and Hezbollah.

“And you can’t make this up. Shortly after I returned to see President Biden releasing $6 billion to the Iranians. It’s unconscionable the United States could be used in a war against our most important ally, and that’s Israel. Let’s not forget in 1979 when Iran fell during the revolution, a first Ayatollah came out and identified the United States as the ‘Great Satan’ and Israel as the ‘Little Satan.’ That wasn’t just discussed back in 1979. Just do a search and see the most recent posts. You will see United States called out today by the Iranians as the ‘Great Satan’ and Israel as the ‘Little Satan.’ 

“We need to stand with Israel, stop appeasing Iran. This is a moment of moral clarity that is badly needed by our country. We need this from President Biden to understand clearly who the true friends are and who the enemies are. And Biden’s ransom payment made to the Iranians shows you where his true colors are. And that’s facilitating and enabling Iran to continue to be the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

This week, Daines introduced a bill to block Iran from accessing the $6 billion in funds that the Biden administration released in August.

Last week, Daines also joined a group of his colleagues in sending a letter to President Biden highlighting the atrocities Hamas is committing against Israelis and demanding the funds be frozen.