Daines: Secure Our Border, Enforce the Rule of Law

“If Joe Biden and the Democrats won’t secure the border now, when are they ever going to do it?”

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference implored the Biden administration to secure the southern border amid Hamas’ terrorist attacks in Israel last week. 

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“Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Yemen. 

“Why did I just name off those countries? This is not an exhaustive list. I was at the southern border on Wednesday, October 11th. I asked Border Patrol agents who’s entered this country in the last ten days. Our border patrol agents have encountered at least one person from each of those countries in the first ten days of October.

“In fact, when I was there at the Ursula processing center, just out there near McAllen, Texas, they told me they encountered four Syrian men overnight. In fact, I was able to go into the holding rooms and physically see these four Syrians that were encountered overnight by border patrol. This is a national security threat.

“There have been 1.5 million known got-aways. So, we talked about the nearly eight million that border patrol have encountered since Joe Biden took office – on top of that are 1.5 million known got-aways. What’s a known got-away? I chatted with Border Patrol. That means they had physical eyes on somebody crossing the border, but we’re not able to encounter them or apprehend or they saw it through video cameras. I asked, ‘How many additional people do you think have come across that are not even known got-aways?’ They said, ‘We have no idea’ obviously, but they said it’s probably at least 50 percent on top of that 1.5 million.

“On day one, Joe Biden literally put up an open house sign on the southern border. And the world, including adversarial countries have noticed and they’re flooding us down south. It is easier now for potential terrorists to come across our southern border. But once they’re there, many are being released into our country, often to major cities without a trace.

“It’s evil regimes like Hamas who attack our ally Israel, and our adversaries are increasingly emboldened. We should be concerned about terror cells moving into the United States. And if Joe Biden and the Democrats won’t secure the border now, when are they ever going to do it? It is time to secure our southern border and start enforcing the rule of law.”

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