Daines Sounds the Alarm on President Biden’s Southern Border Crisis

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference slamming President Biden’s disastrous open border policies.

To watch Daines’ remarks, click HERE.

“So, we’ve talked a lot about the border crisis. If there should be a fire alarm pulled right now, it is the alarm that we’re seeing on the southern border with some 11,000 illegal crossings happening every day in this country. Make no mistake, the crisis that we’re witnessing is a direct result, there’s cause and effect, because of Joe Biden’s failed open border policies.

“Look at any illegal apprehension chart, you’ll see we hit a low number right as Biden took office and how it’s skyrocketed since then. He ended construction on the wall. He ended the remain in Mexico policy. He ended Title 42. This is cause and effect. The good news is, this is a solvable problem. We can come together with Republicans and Democrats to reinstate those policies; the President can reinstate those policies and finish building the wall.

“Sadly, all of our communities now in this country are paying some price, some paying a big price for that. Whether you are northern border state like Montana, or southern border state or in between, it’s insanity. Veterans in New York were forced out of a nursing home to make space for illegal immigrants. Servicemembers’ hotel reservations were canceled because of migrants. They were canceled for the Army-Navy game because of migrants that have taken up space there. Even the Democratic governors are fed up. Let’s hope they start calling the White House and tell them they’re fed up with these policies that are causing this disaster. 

“It is time for President Biden to wake up, maybe he should engage his border czar, Vice President Harris, and get something done and end the nightmare on our southern border.”

To see more of Daines’ work to secure the southern border, click HERE.