Daines on Biden Administration’s Energy Agenda: “Replacing American Made Oil and Gas with Chinese batteries”

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U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference slamming Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s recent failed electric vehicle tour and the Biden administration’s anti-energy agenda.

“Senator Ernst talked about the Secretary of Energy’s challenges she had on her green energy tour most recently, and I think it demonstrates just how unrealistic the Democrats and this Administration’s green hallucination really is. 

“You look at a state like Montana, we get a lot of windshield time in Montana traveling long distances. It’s farmers, it’s ranchers, it’s truckers or just folks going back and forth to work or a veteran going to VA facility. We only have one charging station in Montana per 1,700 square miles. But the Biden administration has clearly launched a war on made-in-America energy.

“Senator Barrasso talked about the cancellation of leases, oil and gas in ANWAR, by the way, that’s 11 billion barrels of oil, shutting down and draining the strategic petroleum reserve, the lowest levels we’ve had now since the 1980s, and then mandating over half of our vehicles on the market have to be EVs within 10 years. And sadly, the American people are paying the price at the pump. 

“This administration’s energy policy could probably be summed up in one clear sentence, ‘Replacing American made oil and gas with Chinese batteries.’”

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