Daines Talks Montana Ag, Forestry, Tribal Priorities for Farm Bill at Indian Affairs Committee Hearing

Welcomes witness from MT association to discuss Tribal access to ag programs

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today at a Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing discussed Tribal priorities for the upcoming Farm Bill, including the Good Neighbor Authority to promote Tribal involvement in forest management and Tribal access to ag programs. Abi Fain, Director of Policy and Government Relations with the Intertribal Agriculture Council headquartered in Billings, spoke before the Committee.

Watch and download Daines’ opening remarks HERE.

“As the Senate crafts the Farm Bill, it’s important to ensure that Montana tribal ag producers and their voices are heard so that the next farm bill works for them, whether it’s supporting crop insurance, ag research, protecting drought and disaster relief programs, or important conservation programs are a few of Montana’s biggest farm bill priorities. The Farm Bill also provides a great opportunity to advance important forest management and conservation reforms. We’re already well into fire season, it’s that time of year where I’m making those phone calls back to folks on the front lines, forest supervisors, spending time back home on the front lines getting updates on these fires. They’re already burning in a significant way in Montana as we speak. So, ensuring we can advance these forest management priorities to produce more healthy forests, thin forests, better wildlife habitat, better watersheds, more jobs, and reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires that are so important.” Daines said.

Daines discussed how Congress can increase Tribal access and participation in critical Farm Bill programs with Ms. Fain. Listen to the exchange HERE.

Daines also talked about the importance of forest management programs that encourage Forest Service and Tribes to work together on projects. Listen to the exchange HERE.