Daines on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria Bartiromo: Biden and the Democrats’ Priorities are Out-of-Step with the American People

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Senator Steve Daines appeared on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria Bartiromo to discuss President Biden and Democrats’ $80 billion IRS spending plan, debt ceiling negotiations and energy security.

Watch the interview HERE.

Daines on IRS funding:

“Look, this is just an example of how misplaced the priorities are this administration, how out of step they are with the rest of America. Why in the world would we add over 80,000 more agents to harass taxpayers when we could be deploying resources to secure the southern border? How about deploying resources to help secure our schools, protect our children? This is yet one more example of how far left this administration has moved and out of step they are with the rest of America.”

Daines on President Biden’s Response to the Need to Control Government Spending:

“Well, those comments from President Biden frankly are ridiculous and they’re not true. Speaker McCarthy is doing the right thing to come to the table asking the President sit down with him and forge a bipartisan agreement that addresses the main issue here in Washington and that spending. What they put forward here are common sense ideas clawing back some unspent COVID dollars. I mean, these are common sense. These are not extreme ideas. The extremist here is Joe Biden, who refuses to address reality and the massive $31 trillion of debt we have where the interest on that debt over the next few years will exceed the defense budget. We’ve got to come together here and start curving spending. That’s the problem what Speaker McCarthy has put forward is common sense and reasonable.

“Well, I have great confidence in Speaker McCarthy’s leadership. It’s a tough job to be the Speaker of the House. It really is but he is putting forward commonsense proposals that most American people would support. We’ve got to move forward. This is a ticking time bomb, this potential default on debt. We’ve got to come together, put together a proposal, get both sides of the aisle to agree to it. You know, we’ve had eight bipartisan agreements since the mid-80s. When it comes to debt ceiling decisions, we need to do this again.

“It’s actually the Biden administration that has not been the adult in the room. They’ve got to come to the table and put proposals down. It’s childish rhetoric we’re hearing from the Biden administration. I’m grateful Speaker McCarthy is the adult in the room, putting together real reasonable proposals here to deal with what could be a crisis if Congress doesn’t act.”

Daines on Democrats’ green hallucination:

“The Democrats are living in a green hallucination. They are on one hand, shutting down pipelines, shutting down permits, shutting down baseload power in this country. On the other hand, they’re driving mandates that say 70 percent of American vehicles have to be electric? They want to put rules in place that would make 50 percent of our gas stoves illegal? This is craziness.

“Just look at what happened in Europe, when the green hallucination invaded countries like Germany, when they started shutting down nuclear plants, shutting down coal plants. The EU made Lithuania shut down their nuclear plant and it ends up with an energy crisis. We can’t let that happen.

“This administration is driving this hallucination, it’s not in touch with reality, because here is the bottom line – in the next twenty-five years global energy demand goes up 50 percent. We’ve got to think about renewables as expanding our portfolio, not as a replacement strategy. This is why these issues are so important. These fights were having on Capitol Hill are very important for the future of this nation’s not only energy security, but national security.”


Contact: Matt Lloyd, Rachel Dumke,  Blake Kernen