Daines Supports Override of Radical D.C. Crime Bill

U.S. Senate — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today voted to block Washington, D.C.’s radical soft on crime bill through a D.C. Home Rule Act resolution of disapproval.

“Actions have consequences and Democrats have finally started to see the consequences of their disastrous crime policies that are devastating our nation’s cities. The D.C. City Council’s crime bill would embolden violent criminals and further endanger residents, visitors, and local law enforcement tasked with keeping people safe. Homicides in D.C. are already up 40 percent compared to this time last year and car thefts have more than doubled – now is not the time to roll back the consequences for murderers, assailants and thieves,” Daines said. “Today’s vote should send a message that soft on crime policies only pay in the form of higher crime rates that endanger innocent citizens.”

Senator Daines is an original co-sponsor of the resolution

Representative Andrew Clyde (R-GA-09) introduced the companion resolution of disapproval in the U.S. House of Representatives, which passed by a bipartisan 250-173 vote.

The resolution passed and now heads to President Biden’s desk for signing.


The Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022 (RCCA)would reduce penalties or even eliminate minimum sentences for many violent criminal offenses, including carjackings, robberies, and homicides amid a surge in violent crime in Washington, D.C. and nationwide.

On January 4th, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser vetoed the legislation—stating in a letter to Council Chairman Phil Mendelson that the bill “does not make us safer.” The D.C. Council ultimately ignored the Mayor’s concerns, voting 12-1 to override her veto on January 17th and send the bill to Congress for review pursuant to the D.C. Home Rule Act.

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