Daines Demands Answers from Biden Administration on Gas Stove Ban

U.S. SENATE –U.S. Senator Steve Daines, in a letter to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, called on the Biden administration to provide a briefing to members of Congress on the Department of Energy’s proposed rule that would ban 96% of gas stoves. Daines’ letter comes after a recent exchange with Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Andrew Light at a Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing that led to more confusion on the proposed rule. Daines expressed concern that the administration’s public statements regarding gas stoves do not match the proposed rule.

“Assistant Secretary Light stated in response to my question on the matter that President Biden’s position is not to ban gas stoves. Yet the Department clearly states in the Proposed Rule on page 6857, Vol. 88, No. 21 of the Federal Register, Table IV.30, that only 4% of the current market share meet the extremely high new proposed standard. This means that, according to the Department’s own analysis published in the Proposed Rule, that 96% of existing gas cooking tops would be banned from future manufacturing and sales. Obviously, this contradicts President Biden’s position as stated in the hearing by an assistant secretary of the Department that issued the rule,” Daines wrote.

“When there are differing and conflicting data points and when statements during multiple congressional hearings are not being answered effectively, then it is incumbent on the Department to clarify these issues for congressional members and alert consumers and manufacturers of the real impacts of a proposed rule. In addition, since my questioning of Assistant Secretary Light ended with a commitment to brief my staff on the effects of the Proposed Rule and given the obvious mixed messages from the administration on this matter, which has led to substantial confusion among the legislative branch, I am requesting the Department brief the members and staff of the Committee before the closing of the comment period so that we are fully aware of the impacts of the Proposed Rule before it is finalized,” Daines continued.

To read the full letter Daines sent to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm HERE.

To watch the Senator’s exchange with Assistant Secretary Light last week, click HERE.

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