On Sean Hannity Radio Show Daines Says it’s Time for President Biden to Address the American People about Latest Military Shoot-Downs

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show today to discuss the latest shoot-downs on flying objects over the United States and Canada over the past eight days. Excerpts of the interview are below.

Listen to full interview HERE.

Daines on the Billings Gazette and Photographer Larry Mayer Breaking the Chinese Spy Balloon Story

“And you also pointed out something that needs to be reemphasized had it not been for Larry Mayer, he’s a photographer with the Billings Gazette in Billings, Montana. He got the picture of that spy balloon on a telephoto camera and posted on their digital website, the Billings Gazette. The AP stringer picked it up and suddenly NORAD realized that we civilian Montanans had picked up the spy balloon after it had gone across the Aleutian Islands, across Canada, across Idaho, over our missile fields, and then over Billings, Montana. It was a civilian that busted this story on that first Chinese spy balloon.”

Daines on the Urgency of President Biden to Address the Nation

“This is a matter of national security, and the United States is looking very, very weak on the world stage. But look at Prime Minister Trudeau. He’s not exactly the Winston Churchill of the world. He spoke to the press today. Trudeau got out, and I think the score right now is U.S. territories three, Canada one. That Lake Huron object may have been on the board, but regardless, call up Trudeau. Prime Minister Trudeau has had objects taken out. He’s in front of the people of Canada. Even if you don’t know exactly going on, the commander in chief’s role is to get in front of your people, tell them exactly what you know, what you don’t know, and let them know you’re doing something about it. For Biden to avoid the press, he throws administration spokespeople out on Sunday talk shows. That’s who’s defending the White House right now. It is time for the Commander in Chief to get in front of the American people and give us an update on what’s going on.”

Daines on Why the President Needs to Provide More Information to the American People

“The other problem, Sean, is that when there’s a vacuum of information, there’s two ways vacuums get filled. And one of those ways is our adversaries’ then fill in that vacuum. That’s why the Chinese jump out in front. They said, ‘Oh, this is a weather balloon.’ This is a 100 percent that is 100 percent lie coming from a communist regime. It was not a weather balloon. That was a spy balloon. And so what happens? You’ve got a loss of credibility of the United States of America, and it’s showing more weakness by Biden. And, Sean, you know what happens when you have communist dictators, power hungry leaders? When they sense weakness? They act.”


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