Daines Condemns Biden, Senate Democrats’ Inflation Crisis at Senate Leadership Press Conference

To watch Daines’ remarks, click HERE.

U.S. SENATE –U.S. Senator Steve Daines today delivered the following remarks at the weekly Republican Senate Leadership press conference condemning Senate Democrats and President Biden for recklessly spending trillions of dollars and creating record-high inflation for Montana families.

“Senate Democrats joined President Biden in greenlighting these multi-trillion dollar, purely partisan spending extravaganzas over the last two years.

“In fact, even Democrats from the Obama administration warned that if this legislation were to pass, you would have inflationary effects. Well, now we see those effects. Recently I went and filled up my pickup in Montana with my sweet wife—it was over $100 to fill up my pickup.

“Grocery prices are up 18.6 percent since this president took office. When you look at what that means for Montanans, that’s over $10,000 more being paid for groceries, for food, for housing than when President Biden took office.

“Now make no mistake: if Nancy Pelosi were still Speaker of the House, the Senate right now would be getting ready to put in play, with Chuck Schumer’s leadership, another reconciliation bill. We would have more spending and more taxes. The only thing holding them back is the fact that there is a slim Republican majority in the House.

“I would submit to you all here today that if there was a Republican president with a Democrat-controlled House, I think the media would be talking about and expecting the President to negotiate with the Speaker. I hope we have fair play here, because President Biden’s position of not negotiating on the debt ceiling, in terms of putting some commonsense spending reforms in place going forward, as it has been done eight times since 1985, is unacceptable.”


Inflation is up over 13% since President Biden took office and it’s estimated that Montana families are spending $10,000 more this year than the year before.


Contact: Matt Lloyd, Rachel Dumke,  Blake Kernen