Daines Takes Big Banks to Task in Senate Hearing

Presses CEOs on Inflation, Wokeness, Anti-Energy Policies

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today pressed the CEOs of the U.S.’s largest financial institutions on the inflation crisis, caving to the whims of the radical Left and promoting an anti-American energy agenda. 

To kick off his remarks, Daines highlighted the Democratic policies that have led to sky-high inflation and asked the bank CEOs if they agreed with President Biden that Americans are overreacting about the effects of inflation.

Listen HERE.

Senator Daines also called out Citigroup for its anti-American energy policies while still doing business with Russian oil companies even after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“You stated back in April 2020 that you would not finance arctic drilling in Alaska. However, Citi has had no problem doing business with Russian oil companies and was the last to announce a pullout from Russia. In fact, Citigroup did not even stop soliciting clients in Russia for three weeks after the February 24th invasion into Ukraine,” Daines said.

Lastly, Senator Daines questioned the banks on the makeup of their boards, which claim to be diverse but lean heavily Democratic. Listen HERE.


 Contact: Rachel DumkeBlake Kernen