Daines: Dems’ Inflation Crisis, Anti-Forest Management Agenda Worsening Montana Housing Shortage

U.S. SENATE – At a U.S. Senate Banking Committee hearing today, U.S. Senator Steve Daines discussed the effects the Democrats’ inflation and supply chain crisis has had on the housing situation in Montana, especially in Tribal communities. 

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“I hear consistently from first responders, our teachers, and other critical workers in Montana that it is almost impossible to find homes to rent – let alone buy – that are safe and let alone affordable. In the past two years construction times have been protracted by material and worker shortages…In our Tribal communities it’s especially true. We may have as many as 14 people crammed into a single-family home. The importance of addressing this shortage cannot be overstated. We must find solutions to help Montanans house their families and loved ones,” Daines said.

Senator Daines also highlighted how proper forest management could ease skyrocketing lumber costs for homebuilders. 

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“I will just note that last spring in the midst of soaring lumber prices and shortages nationwide lumber prices rose about 100%, they crest in April at 300%…During the same period lumber production in Montana actually decreased by 11% and our national forests failed to meet timber harvest targets…Montana could have offset some of these market dynamics had we simply been managing our forests,” Daines said.


 Contact: Rachel DumkeBlake Kernen