Daines Blasts Biden Admin’s Plan to Promote Abortions

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines, founder and chair of the Senate Pro-Life Caucus, today issued the following statement after the Biden administration announced its plan to continue pushing its pro-abortion agenda on states despite the Supreme Court decision to return the power back to the people and their elected representatives to enact laws to protect life. 

“The Biden administration will stop at nothing, not even a Supreme Court ruling, to force their radical, pro-abortion agenda on all Americans,” Daines said. “Instead of allowing Americans’ voices to be heard when it comes to abortion, President Biden wants to force states to allow dangerous DIY abortion pills and is considering plans to use taxpayer dollars to fund abortion tourism across state lines and even set up abortion clinics in our national parks. This is outrageous. Our fight is long from over—I will continue to stand up for all life, no matter how small.”



Contact: Rachel Dumke,  Blake Kernen