Daines, King Call for Briefing on the Impact of Increased Visitation to National Parks

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senators Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Angus King (I-Maine), the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks, are calling for a Congressional briefing from the National Parks Service to discuss the increase in park visitation and its impact to the parks, staff and local communities.

“We write to request a briefing for Senate National Parks Subcommittee members and their staff on the increase in National Park visitation and its impact to the park units, staff, and local communities,” the Senators wrote. “With the number of visitors dramatically increasing over the last ten years at top destination park units it is important that we are made aware of impact, both positive and negative, so the Committee can better address the situation and work to resolve any issues.”

“This past July, Yellowstone National Park hit a milestone by having 1 million visitors in a single month, and overall annual visitation has increased from 3,640,185 in 2010 to 4,860,242 in 2021. Acadia National Park also saw major increases from 2,504,208 to 4,069,098 over the same time period,” the letter continues.

To read the letter Daines sent to National Parks Service Director Charles Sams, click HERE.



Contact: Rachel Dumke,  Katie Schoettler